How to Make a Princess Leia Costume

Are you a Star Wars fan who loves all the characters? Do you want to put together an awesome costume for an upcoming event or for Halloween?

How to Make a Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia is a popular choice for many fans thanks to her strong presence and iconic look. You can make your own Princess Leia costume with some simple steps and a few materials. Here’s how to make a princess leia costume.

Can You Make a Princess Leia Costume?

A Princess Leia costume is an iconic look worn for decades. If you’re wondering whether you can create this costume, the answer is yes! With a few key pieces and a bit of creativity, you can transform into the beloved Star Wars character for Halloween or any other costume party.

Start with a long, white dress and add a belt to cinch your waist. Pair this with some tall, white boots and a wig styled into the iconic Leia buns. Don’t forget to complete the look with a toy blaster, and you’ll surely be a hit at any event!

Why Should You Make a Princess Leia Costume?

If you love to dress up for Halloween or cosplay events, then a Princess Leia costume should be at the top of your list! Not only is the iconic Star Wars character beloved by millions, but her look is both timeless and easy to recreate. With just a few simple items, you can create a costume that will turn heads and make you feel like a true princess of the galaxy.

Plus, wearing a Princess Leia costume is a way to show your support and admiration for the late Carrie Fisher, who played the character and left an everlasting imprint on the entertainment industry. So, if you’re ready to channel your inner rebel and show off your Star Wars love, making a Princess Leia costume is the perfect way to do it!

7 Steps to Follow on How to Make a Princess Leia Costume

Step 1: Find Reference Pictures

The first thing you need to do before making your costume is to find reference pictures. You can search for pictures of Princess Leia’s outfit from the original trilogy or from the newer movies.

Search for Pictures of Princess Leia’s Outfit

Look for pictures that show the different angles and details of the costume. This will help you determine what materials you need and the exact placement of the different elements. You can print out the pictures or save them on your phone for reference.

Step 2: Gather Materials

For your Princess Leia costume, you’ll need some basic materials such as white fabric, a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and a ruler. You also need to get some specific materials, such as silver fabric for the belt, a sheet of craft foam for the hair buns, and some silver and black paint for the details. You can find all of these materials at a fabric or craft store or order them online.

Step 3: Cut and Sew the Dress

The main part of Princess Leia’s costume is the long white dress. You can start by using a plain white fabric and creating a pattern based on your measurements. Use a ruler to mark the length and width of the dress, sleeves, and neckline. Cut out the pieces and sew them together using a sewing machine. Hem the edges and make sure the dress fits you perfectly.

Step 4: Create the Belt

The silver belt is another important element of Princess Leia’s outfit. You can make it by cutting out a long piece of silver fabric and sewing it into a loop. Add two rectangular pieces at the front to simulate the buckle design. You can paint some black lines on the buckle to complete the look.

Step 5: Make the Hair Buns

Next, you need to create the famous Princess Leia hair buns. You can use a sheet of craft foam to make the buns. Cut out two circles and two donut shapes. Glue the donut shapes to the circles and paint them silver. Attach them to your hair using bobby pins or hair ties. Voilà! You now have your Princess Leia costume.

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches

You can add some finishing touches to make your costume even more authentic. For example, you can paint silver and black details on the dress to match the original design. You can also wear white boots or find some boot covers to complete the look. And don’t forget to carry a replica blaster or lightsaber to really embody Princess Leia.

Step 7: Practice Your Hair and Makeup

Lastly, ensure you know how to do your hair and makeup like Princess Leia. Her iconic hairstyle includes two braided buns with a center part. You can watch tutorials online or practice beforehand to get it just right.

For makeup, keep it simple with a natural-looking foundation, brown eyeshadow, and a nude lip color. And don’t forget to add a touch of mascara and eyeliner to complete the look.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to make a Princess Leia costume in just seven easy steps. With these tips and tricks, you can create your own version of this iconic outfit and feel like a true rebel leader. May the Force be with you!

5 Considerations Things When You Need to Make a Princess Leia Costume

1. Hair

If you want to make a Princess Leia costume, the most important detail is getting the hair right. The signature Leia look consists of two buns on either side of the head. You can achieve this look with a wig or by using your own hair. If you use your own hair, use plenty of hairspray and bobby pins to keep it in place.

2. Clothing

The iconic Princess Leia costume consists of a white dress with a long hooded cape and a belt with a gold buckle. You can find ready-made costumes or make your own from fabric and patterns. If you choose to make your own, be sure to use lightweight and comfortable fabrics so you can move freely in the costume.

Consists of a White Dress With a Long Hooded Cape

3. Accessories

In order to complete the look, you will need some accessories such as shoes, jewelry, and a blaster gun. For shoes, stick with something simple like sandals or ballet flats, as they will be comfortable and easy to move in.

For jewelry, choose simple pieces that still have an elegant touch, such as pearls or small gemstones set in silver or gold settings. Finally, for the blaster gun, try to find one with realistic details, such as buttons and triggers, to look authentic when worn with the costume.

4. Makeup

To really bring the Princess Leia look together, you should also consider adding some makeup elements, such as eyeshadow and lipstick in shades of brown and pink. This will help give your face more definition and add some extra color to your overall look. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding false eyelashes for an even more dramatic effect!

5. Attitude

Finally, no matter how accurate your costume is or how perfect your makeup looks, it won’t be complete without having the right attitude! Princess Leia was known for her strength and courage, so channel those qualities when wearing your costume for an authentic experience!

5 Benefits of Making a Princess Leia Costume

1. Show Your Love for Star Wars

Making a Princess Leia costume is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the iconic Star Wars franchise. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, a costume party, or just for fun, you’ll be sure to make an impression with your homemade costume!

Leia Costume is a Great Way to Show Your Love

2. Get Creative with Your Design

When it comes to making a Princess Leia costume, the possibilities are endless! You can get creative with your design and choose from various fabrics and colors to create the perfect look. You can also add accessories such as jewelry, headbands, and wigs to complete the ensemble.

3. Save Money on Costumes

Making your own costume is also a great way to save money on costumes. Instead of buying an expensive store-bought costume, you can purchase fabric and other materials at much lower costs. This will help you create a unique look that won’t break the bank!

4. Learn New Skills

Making a Princess Leia costume is also an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, such as sewing and crafting. You can use these skills to make other costumes in the future or even create custom gifts for friends and family members!

5. Have Fun with Friends

Finally, making a Princess Leia costume can be an enjoyable experience to share with friends and family members. Invite them over for movie night, or plan a themed party where everyone dresses up in their favorite Star Wars characters!

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Make a Princess Leia Costume

1. Not Buying the Right Fabric

One of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to make a Princess Leia costume is not buying the right fabric. While many people may think that any type of white fabric will do, it is important to purchase a fabric with a bit of give and stretch. This will ensure that your costume is comfortable and looks great. Additionally, you should buy enough fabric to make any alterations if needed.

Purchase a Fabric With a Bit of Give and Stretch

2. Not Taking Proper Measurements

Another mistake people often make when making a Princess Leia costume is not taking proper measurements. If you are sewing your costume, it is essential to take accurate measurements before beginning to ensure that your costume fits properly. You should also keep in mind that some fabrics may shrink or stretch when washed, so be sure to account for this when measuring and purchasing materials.

3. Not Paying Attention to Detail

When making a Princess Leia costume, it is important to pay attention to detail to ensure that your costume looks as close as possible to the original movie version. This means paying attention to the sleeves’ shape, the skirt’s length, and even small details such as trim and buttons. Getting these details right will make all the difference in how your costume looks once completed.

4. Not Pre-washing Fabric

Another mistake people often make when attempting to make a Princess Leia costume is not pre-washing their fabric before beginning construction. Pre-washing fabric helps remove any chemicals or dirt from the fabric that could cause discoloration or fading after washing or wearing multiple times.

Additionally, pre-washing helps reduce any shrinkage or stretching that may occur after washing and drying the garment multiple times over its lifetime.

Pre-washing Helps Reduce Any Shrinkage or Stretching

5. Not Planning Ahead

When making a Princess Leia costume, it is important to plan for everything to go smoothly during the construction and fitting stages of production. Make sure you have all of your materials ready before beginning construction and know how long each step may take so that you can plan accordingly for any delays or unexpected problems along the way.

6. Not Trying It On Before Finishing Construction

The last mistake people often make when making a Princess Leia costume is not trying it on before finishing construction on their garment pieces. Even if all measurements were taken accurately before construction, there may still be slight discrepancies between what was planned and what works best with your body shape and size.

By trying on each piece as it’s being made, you can catch any potential fit issues early on, allowing for easy adjustments without wasting time on unnecessary work.


Making your own Princess Leia costume can be a fun and rewarding project for Star Wars fans. With some basic materials and a few simple steps, you can create an iconic look that will impress your friends and fellow fans.

Don’t forget to complete the costume with Princess Leia’s confident attitude and determination. May the Force be with you! Thanks for reading our post about how to make a princess leia costume.

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