How to Wrap a Squishmallow

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to give the perfect gift? Have you heard of Squishmallows but don’t know how to wrap them properly? Look no further! We’ve put together this guide that will teach you everything there is to know about wrapping these adorable, stuffed animal-inspired gifts.

From cutting out the right size gift paper to mastering the art of bow-tying, by following our instructions on how to wrap a squishmallow, your present will look as if it came straight from Santa’s workshop! So grab your scissors and tape and let’s get started on wrapping up the perfect squishy surprise for your special someone.

How to Wrap a Squishmallow

What is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are soft, plush toys that come in a variety of sizes and styles. They’re made from super-soft marshmallow-like material and feature an array of adorable characters such as unicorns, cats, owls, and more. Squishmallows make the perfect gift for any occasion – whether it’s for a birthday or just to show someone how much you care.

Needed Materials

Below is a list of all the materials that you will need while wrapping your Squishmallow:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Scissors
  • Gift Tag (Optional)

10 Simple Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Wrap a Squishmallow

Step 1: Measure Your Squishmallow

Before you start cutting your wrapping paper, make sure to measure your Squishmallow. This will determine the size of gift paper you need and help prevent a lot of unnecessary folding. It’s also a good idea to lay your Squishmallow on top of the wrapping paper before you cut it in order to get an accurate measurement.

Cutting Your Wrapping Paper

Step 2: Cut Out Your Gift Paper

Now that you have your measurements, go ahead and cut out the gift paper. Make sure to give yourself some extra paper just in case of any mishaps while wrapping.

Otherwise, you’ll have to start from the beginning and get a new paper. However, it is important to note that you should not cut more than 2 inches extra. It will make the wrapping look sloppy and unappealing.

Step 3: Place Squishmallow in the Middle of the Paper

Line your squishmallow up in the center of the gift paper and bring one side of it over to cover the Squishmallow. You can use the extra paper to make a nice bow or tuck it in neatly around your Squishmallow.

But be sure not to pull the paper too tight, or you may end up ripping it. It should be just snug enough to stay put. You can also use tape to secure the paper if desired.

Step 4: Tape The Edge Down On One Side

Grab a piece of tape and secure one side of the gift paper to the Squishmallow. Make sure that it’s secure so that it doesn’t come undone when wrapping the rest of it. But be careful not to over-tape it, as this can make the paper look wrinkled and unappealing.

It’s best to use clear or transparent tape so that it doesn’t show up through the paper. If you’re using patterned paper, make sure to match the color of your tape with it!

Step 5: Fold The Other Side Inwards

Take the other side of the gift paper and fold it inwards towards your Squishmallow, making sure to tuck in any excess paper. If the paper is too long, don’t be afraid to cut a bit off – just make sure that it’s not shorter than your Squishmallow.

Using Patterned Paper

Once you have folded in the other side, tape it down as well and use scissors to trim any excess tape or paper. But be sure not to cut the paper too close to your Squishmallow.

Step 6: Tape The Edge Down On This Side Too

Grab another piece of tape and secure the other side of the gift paper to your Squishmallow. Make sure that it’s nice and tight so there are no gaps or loose ends. Whether you’re using patterned paper or transparent tape, make sure to match the color of your tape with it. You don’t want the tape to take away from your Squishmallow’s beauty!

Step 7: Decorate With Ribbon, Twine, Or a Bow

Now it’s time to decorate! You can use ribbon, twine, or even a bow to add the perfect finishing touch to your Squishmallow. It’s best to use a color that matches the wrapping paper, but you can also choose one that complements it. Be sure to tie the ribbon or bow in a neat and tidy manner so that your Squishmallow looks perfect.

Step 8: Add A Gift Tag (Optional)

If you’re giving this gift as a present, you may want to include a gift tag. You can find these at most craft stores or you can make your own with construction paper and a marker.

But don’t forget to write the recipient’s name and a special message on it! This will make your gift even more special. It’s also a nice touch to tie the tag on with your ribbon or twine.

Step 9: Place Your Squishmallow In A Gift Bag (Optional)

If you’re giving the Squishmallow as a surprise, it’s best to put it in a gift bag so that it’s not seen until the recipient is ready to open it. Although it’s not necessary, a gift bag can really add an extra special touch to your present.

If you don’t have one, you can make your own with some construction paper and a marker. But if you want something more professional, you can find gift bags at most craft stores. This will make your Squishmallow look like it came straight from Santa’s workshop.

Use Ribbon for Decoration

Step 10: Present Your Gift!

The last step is to present your gift and get ready for the squishy hugs that come with it! Your loved ones will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort when they see how beautifully you wrapped their Squishmallow. Always remember, no matter the occasion, gift-giving is a wonderful way to show that you care.

Following these simple steps on how to wrap a Squishmallow is sure to make the recipient feel extra special. Whether you’re giving it as a birthday present or just to show your love, this guide will help you create the perfect gift in no time. So grab your materials and get ready for some squishy wrapping fun!

Things to Consider for a More Creative Approach

  • Get Creative With the Wrapping Paper, and Choose From Different Colors or Patterns to Make Your Squishmallow Present Look Even More Special.
  • Add a Personal Touch by Creating a Mini Card That Features an Illustration of the Animal on the Gift Tag.
  • Use Different Colored Ribbons for Extra Flair and Decoration.
  • Have Fun With the Wrapping Paper and Create a Unique Design With Foldable Corners or Origami Shapes.
  • Place Your Squishmallow Inside an Extra Decorated Box for an Added Surprise.
  • Use Glitter Glue or Sequins to Add Shine and Sparkle to the Gift Wrap.

Wrapping a Squishmallow is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. With these easy-to-follow guidelines, you will be able to give the perfect gift no matter the occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I make sure that my Squishmallow is wrapped securely?

A1: Make sure to tape down both sides of the gift paper and ensure that there are no gaps or loose ends. If you are using ribbon or twine, tie it tightly and use tape to secure it in place. Also, adding the gift tag before wrapping can help with extra security.

Craft and Wrap a Squishmallow

Q2: Can I reuse gift wrap?

A2: Yes, as long as it is still in good condition you can reuse your wrapping paper to wrap Squishemallows or any other gifts. Also, cutting the gift paper to a smaller size can help make sure you get the most out of your wrapping material.

Q3: How do I store my Squishmallow after it is wrapped?

A3: If you need to store your Squishmallow overnight before giving it as a present, make sure to place it in a ziplock bag to keep it protected. This will help avoid any accidental rips or tears while it is being stored.

Q4: How do I make sure my gift wrapping looks professional?

A4: To ensure your gift wrapping looks neat and clean, use the step-by-step instructions above as a guide. You can also add a personal touch by being creative with the wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tag. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make your Squishmallow look extra special!


Wrapping a Squishmallow is an exciting activity that requires creativity. With the right materials, folding techniques, and decorations, you can create an immensely satisfying gift any recipient is sure to love. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, presentation matters, and the effort put into wrapping a Squishmallow will not be overlooked.

Taking the time to craft and wrap a Squishmallow with thoughtfulness can demonstrate how much you care about an individual, making it a great opportunity to show your special affection for them this holiday season! So go ahead and get creative – explore unique folding techniques to wow your friends and family.

After all, starting with their favorite creature makes half of the fun is figuring out how best to present your gift! Thanks for reading this article on how to wrap a squishmallow.

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