How to Weigh down Foam Pumpkins

Foam pumpkins have become a popular choice for fall decor, offering a lightweight and versatile option for creating beautiful seasonal displays. However, their buoyant nature can sometimes lead to instability, making them susceptible to tipping over or blowing away in outdoor settings.

To keep your foam pumpkins firmly grounded and stable, it’s essential to employ effective weighing-down techniques. In this article, we will explore various methods to add weight and stability to your foam pumpkins, ensuring they withstand windy conditions and stay securely in place throughout the autumn season.

How to Weigh down Foam Pumpkins

Whether you’re decorating your porch, garden, or indoor spaces, these simple yet effective tips will help you enhance the longevity and visual appeal of your fall decorations. Embrace the charm of the season and let’s discover the art of how to weigh down foam pumpkins for a delightful and secure autumn ambiance.

Purpose of Weighing Down Foam Pumpkins

Foam pumpkins are a great way to decorate your home around the fall holidays, but they can sometimes be too light to stay in place. To help keep them grounded and prevent them from being blown away by wind or bumped off of surfaces due to pets or children.

You can weigh them down with some simple items like rocks, coins, or even water-filled plastic bags. Read on to learn how to weigh down foam pumpkins safely and easily!

Materials You’ll Need

Before diving into the methods, gather the following materials to successfully weigh down your foam pumpkins:

  1. Foam Pumpkins: Choose a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your decorating needs.
  2. Fillers: These can include a range of materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, rice, dried beans, or small pebbles.
  3. Adhesive Putty or Double-sided Tape: For securing the fillers to the inside of the foam pumpkins.
  4. Fabric or Burlap Sacks: To conceal the fillers and maintain the decorative appearance of the pumpkins.
  5. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks: For securing fabric or burlap sacks, if necessary.
  6. Decorative Elements: Optional embellishments like ribbons, faux leaves, or twine to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your weighted pumpkins.
  7. Spray Sealant (optional): To protect foam pumpkins from outdoor elements and increase their durability.
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


  • When using plastic bags filled with water, be sure to tie off the tops securely so that they don’t leak.
  • You can also use rocks or coins inside the pumpkins without water if desired.
  • If you want a more permanent solution, you can use hot glue to secure the rocks or coins in place inside the pumpkins.

Weighing down foam pumpkins is a quick and easy way to make sure that they stay in place during the fall holidays! With just a few simple materials, you can easily keep your decorations from being blown away by wind, bumped off of surfaces, or otherwise moved

Benefits of Stable and Secure Pumpkin Decorations

When it comes to decorating your home for the fall season, foam pumpkins are a popular choice. But without proper weighting, they can become unstable or shift over time – creating an eyesore and ruining your decorations!

To ensure your pumpkin decorations last through the entire season, you’ll need to weigh them down. Here are some of the benefits of using weights on your foam pumpkin decorations:

  • Stable and Secure. Weighing down your pumpkins will ensure they stay securely in place, no matter how many visitors come knocking at the door!
  • Preserve the Look of Your Decor. With weighted pumpkins, you can maintain a clean and uniform look while also creating a festive atmosphere.
  • Easy to Install and Remove. Weighing down your pumpkins is a quick and simple process that can be done in just minutes. When the season comes to an end, removing the weight is just as easy!
  • Cost Effective. Adding weights to your pumpkin decorations is a great way to save money while also adding stability to your decorations.
Adding Weights to Your Pumpkin Decorations

10 Methods How to Weigh down Foam Pumpkins

Method 1: Sand Filling

Sand is a popular and effective filler for weighing down foam pumpkins. Begin by creating a small opening at the base of the foam pumpkin using a craft knife. Pour dry sand into the pumpkin through the opening until it reaches the desired weight. Seal the opening with adhesive putty or double-sided tape. For a more refined look, cover the opening with fabric or burlap, securing it in place with a hot glue gun.

Method 2: Gravel or Small Rocks

Gravel or small rocks are readily available and offer substantial weight to stabilize foam pumpkins. Follow the same procedure as with sand, creating an opening at the base of the pumpkin to pour in the gravel or rocks. Seal the opening securely with adhesive putty or double-sided tape, and conceal it with fabric or burlap for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Method 3: Rice or Dried Beans

Rice or dried beans can serve as cost-effective alternatives for filling foam pumpkins. Pour rice or dried beans through the base opening, ensuring the pumpkin attains the desired weight. Seal the opening and cover it with fabric or burlap for a polished appearance.

Method 4: Use Foam Inserts

Craft or purchase foam inserts designed specifically to fit inside foam pumpkins. These inserts are pre-measured and can be easily inserted to add weight and stability to your decorations. Foam inserts come in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to customize the level of stability for different foam pumpkin designs.

Method 5: Lead Weights or Fishing Sinkers

For extra heavy-duty stability, consider using lead weights or fishing sinkers. These can be purchased at hardware stores or fishing supply shops. Place the lead weights or fishing sinkers inside the foam pumpkin through the base opening, then seal and cover the opening as previously described.

Method 6: Use Cement or Concrete

For outdoor foam pumpkin displays, consider using cement or concrete mix to add weight and durability. Mix the cement or concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then pour it into the foam pumpkin through the base opening. Allow the mixture to dry and set completely before moving or displaying the pumpkin.

Using Cement or Concrete Mix

Method 7: Combine Fillers

Mix and match various fillers to achieve the desired weight and stability for different foam pumpkin sizes. Combine sand, gravel, rice, dried beans, or other fillers to create a customized weight that suits each foam pumpkin’s specific needs.

Method 8: Sealant Protection (Optional)

For foam pumpkins displayed outdoors, consider using a spray sealant to protect them from the elements. Spray the sealant over the entire surface of the foam pumpkin, providing an additional layer of protection against moisture and UV rays. This step helps prolong the life of your decorated foam pumpkins and maintains their vibrant appearance throughout the season.

Method 9: Elevated Display

If your foam pumpkin is placed on a raised surface, such as a table or ledge, use decorative elements like ribbons or twine to secure the pumpkin in place. Tie the ribbon or twine around the pumpkin and fasten it to the support structure to prevent any accidental tipping or rolling.

Method 10: Anchor with Decorative Elements

Enhance the visual appeal of your foam pumpkins while adding stability by incorporating decorative elements that also serve as weights. Attach faux leaves, twigs, or other autumn-themed embellishments using hot glue or adhesive putty. These additions not only provide weight but also contribute to the overall charm and attractiveness of your fall decorations.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Weighing Down Foam Pumpkins

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, nothing screams spooky like a foam pumpkin. Foam pumpkins are a great addition to any haunted house or yard display, but they can easily blow away in windy weather if not properly weighed down. Weighing down your pumpkins will ensure that they stay put and look their best throughout the season. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when weighing down your foam pumpkins:

Comes to Decorating for Halloween
  1. Not Using Enough Weight – Foam pumpkins are lightweight by nature, so it’s important to use enough weight to keep them in place. A few heavy-duty rocks or sandbags should do the trick.
  2. Underutilizing Anchoring Tools – When using rocks or sandbags, be sure to use an anchoring tool such as a garden stake or bungee cord for extra security. The combination of the weight and the anchoring tools will keep your pumpkins from blowing away.
  3. Skimping on Durability – While foam pumpkins are generally quite durable, you don’t want to skimp on the anchoring materials. Be sure to use strong, durable rocks and secure bungee cords that won’t break in windy weather.
  4. Not Securing Properly – Make sure to properly anchor your foam pumpkins into the ground for extra security. Also, be sure not to over-tighten the ropes or bungee cords as this can cause damage to the pumpkin.


In conclusion, if you’re ever looking to decorate your home for autumn or Halloween with foam pumpkins, there are a few easy and crafty ways you can keep your decorations from sliding around. Using nuts and bolts, sand, or even pennies is an economical and eco-friendly way to have satisfyingly weighted pumpkins.

Depending on the look of the decoration you’re going for, heavier items such as river rocks or buttons could also work for a unique and creative pumpkin with its own personality. Be sure to follow all instructions on how to weigh down foam pumpkins carefully, and always consult an expert when in doubt.

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