How to Make Wreath with Garland

Crafting wreaths with garland offers a wonderful way to infuse festive charm into any space while allowing your creativity to blossom. Wreaths symbolize warmth, celebration, and welcome, making them a perfect addition to various occasions and seasons. By combining the versatility of garland with your artistic flair, you can design wreaths that exude personalized elegance and allure.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice eager to delve into the world of wreath-making, learning how to make wreath with garland is an engaging and gratifying endeavor.

How to Make Wreath with Garland

From selecting the right garland and materials to mastering various techniques that transform a simple base into a stunning masterpiece, this article guides you through the step-by-step process of creating wreaths that reflect your unique style and bring joy to any setting.

The Idea of Creating a Wreath Using Garland as a Base

Making a wreath using garland as your base can be a great way to dress up any entryway, mantelpiece, or window. Not only is it an easy craft project, but you can customize the look of your wreath with just about any type of garland and add-ons that you like! Here’s how to make a beautiful wreath with garland.

First, you’ll need to select the type of garland you’d like as your base. Consider how much texture and dimension you want in the wreath when making this choice – natural greenery can provide an earthy look, while metallic or sparkly garlands can bring a little extra glamour. You may also want to consider the length of garland you need, as this will have an effect on the size of your wreath.

Once you’ve chosen the type of garland that you’d like to use, it’s time to get started creating the actual wreath. Begin by forming a loop with your garland and using floral wire or pipe cleaners to secure the ends together.

Then start adding more loops of garland to the original loop, making sure to secure each one with wire or pipe cleaners. Keep adding and connecting loops until you’ve reached your desired size for the wreath.

The Versatility of This Technique and Its Potential for Various Occasions and Themes

Garland is a wonderful material to use when making wreaths due to its versatility. By selecting the right type of garland, such as tinsel or yarn, you can create a beautiful and unique look no matter what occasion or theme you have in mind. Whether it’s for holidays, special occasions, or just everyday décor, numerous creative possibilities are available with this technique.

Material to Use When Making Wreaths

The same technique of twisting and tying the garland around the wreath form can be used to create a variety of looks. Want to make an elegant holiday wreath? Adding poinsettias or other seasonal decorations will give your wreath a festive and sophisticated look. Looking for something more rustic? Use burlap or twine to create a wreath with earthy charm. The possibilities are endless!

With the right materials, you can customize your wreaths to match any color scheme or theme. For example, if you’re throwing an outdoor beach party, select some brightly colored garland and weave in shells or starfish for a whimsical look that’s sure to be admired.

10 Methods How to Make Wreath with Garland

Method 1: Classic Evergreen Elegance

The classic evergreen wreath is a staple during the holiday season. To create this traditional beauty, start by selecting a sturdy wire wreath frame and an assortment of evergreen garland. Wrap the garland around the frame, securing it with floral wire as you go.

Add pinecones, berries, and bows for extra flair. This method creates a timeless wreath that can be further personalized with ornaments and lights.

Method 2: Whimsical Ribbon Accents

Transform your garland into a wreath bursting with color and texture by incorporating ribbon. Start with a plain wire wreath form and your chosen garland. To add depth, intertwine ribbon in various colors and widths throughout the garland, securing it with floral wire. Finish by tying a big bow at the bottom or top, creating a fun and festive look suitable for celebrations year-round.

Intertwine Ribbon in Various Colors

Method 3: Seasonal Swag Wreath

Embrace the natural flow of garland by crafting a swag-style wreath. Use a flexible wire base, shaping it into a subtle curve. Attach garland along the curve, letting it drape elegantly. Enhance the design by tucking in pinecones, ornaments, and even small LED lights for a cozy ambience. This method is perfect for front doors and mantels, adapting easily to any season.

Method 4: Vibrant Floral Fusion

Combine the lushness of garland with the vibrancy of faux flowers to create a stunning and unique wreath. Start with a basic wire frame and layer the garland, allowing it to cascade. Intertwine artificial flowers, like roses, hydrangeas, or sunflowers, throughout the garland. Use floral wire to secure the flowers in place, adding bursts of color and freshness to your wreath.

Method 5: Minimalist Eucalyptus Wreath

For a modern and minimalist touch, opt for a eucalyptus wreath. Begin with a circular wire frame and layer eucalyptus garland around it, securing with floral wire. Eucalyptus leaves lend a subtle fragrance and elegant simplicity to your wreath. You can also incorporate dried herbs, such as lavender or thyme, for a delightful aroma.

Method 6: Coastal Charm with Seashells

Bring the beauty of the beach to your home by crafting a wreath adorned with seashells. Start with a plain grapevine wreath and wrap it with a garland made of natural materials like rope or burlap. Attach seashells using hot glue or floral wire, creating a coastal-inspired wreath that’s perfect for summer and beach-themed decor.

Method 7: Rustic Burlap and Garland Mix

Combine the rustic charm of burlap with the elegance of garland to fashion a versatile wreath. Begin by wrapping a wire frame with burlap ribbon. Attach garland around the burlap, securing it with floral wire. Add wooden accents, like miniature wagons or birdhouses, to enhance the rustic aesthetic. This wreath is ideal for farmhouse and country-style decor.

Frame With Burlap Ribbon

Method 8: Festive Holiday Ornament Wreath

Infuse your garland wreath with holiday spirit by incorporating ornaments. Start with a wire frame and wrap the garland around it. Attach a variety of ornaments using ornament hooks or floral wire. Mix sizes, shapes, and colors to achieve a visually appealing and festive look that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Method 9: Autumnal Harvest Wreath

Capture the essence of fall by crafting a harvest-themed wreath using garland. Begin with a sturdy wire frame and wrap it with garland made from autumn leaves, berries, and pumpkins. Add dried corn husks, miniature hay bales, and gourds for a bountiful harvest effect. This wreath is ideal for Thanksgiving and autumn decor.

Method 10: Garden Greenery Delight

Craft a wreath that celebrates the beauty of a garden with a mix of garland and faux flowers. Start with a wire frame and wrap it with garland featuring various greenery elements. Intertwine faux flowers like daisies, tulips, and roses throughout the garland, securing with floral wire. This wreath is perfect for spring and summer decor, bringing a touch of the outdoors indoors.

Tips on Maintaining the Wreath’s Appearance

After going to all the trouble of making a stunning wreath with garland, you want it to look amazing for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to maintain your creation:

Hanging Wreath on an Outdoor
  • Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources. This will help preserve its appearance longer.
  • Avoid placing your wreath in damp or humid areas, as this could cause the garland to break down more quickly.
  • Make sure your wreath is secure if you’re hanging it on an outdoor door or wall. Vibrations from wind and rain can loosen the garland over time and reduce the life of your creation.
  • If possible, take your wreath inside each night or when you’re not expecting guests. This will protect it from the elements and help it last longer.
  • If your wreath seems to be wilting, give it a spritz of water every now and then to keep it looking fresh.
  • Check the garland at regular intervals so that you can spot any potential problems before they become more serious. If necessary, re-wrap any areas that are looking a bit loose or replace any dead garland pieces with new ones.


Making a personalized wreath with garland is a great way to spruce up your home and show off your creativity. You can make any shape of wreath, and even mix different types of garland for unique color designs! It doesn’t take much more time than buying an already-made wreath, and you’ll save money in the long run.

Gather some fresh boughs, evergreen branches, or other classic materials to create your own custom holiday decoration.

The biggest key to creating a beautiful display is having the patience to play around and see what kind of decorative pieces will appear! We hope that this guide on how to make wreath with garland was helpful in transforming your living space into festive décor. Have fun with crafting and start trying out new materials today!

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