How to Make a Nerf Gun Wall

Transforming a plain wall into an epic Nerf gun battleground can bring excitement and adventure to any playroom or game area. Creating a Nerf gun wall allows kids (and kids at heart) to engage in thrilling foam dart battles while keeping the space organized and visually appealing.

In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of how to make a nerf gun wall that not only showcases an impressive arsenal of blasters but also provides practical storage solutions for darts and accessories.

How to Make a Nerf Gun Wall

From selecting the perfect wall space to constructing custom racks and holders, get ready to embark on an exciting DIY project that will take Nerf battles to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Whether you’re a Nerf enthusiast or a parent looking to inspire imaginative play, learn how to design and create the ultimate Nerf gun wall that will be the envy of all who encounter it.

The Thrill of Showcasing and Organizing Nerf Gun Collections

When it comes to Nerf guns, avid collectors enjoy the thrill of showcasing and organizing their collections. A Nerf gun wall creates an eye-catching display while keeping your collection organized. Whether you have a few trusty blasters or a full arsenal, making a Nerf gun wall is a great way to start displaying your favorite pieces.

With a few basic supplies and just over an hour’s worth of work, you’ll be ready to show off your prized possessions for all to see!

Before getting started with building your Nerf gun wall, take inventory of what materials you will need. You will need some type of board for mounting and backing; foam core boards or particleboards are good options. Screws, screws with anchors, and wall hooks are also necessary.

If you plan to hang heavier pieces, like larger blasters or multiple stacked accessories, be sure to use the right type of screws and anchors for your board material.

Once you have collected all your supplies, it’s time to start assembling the wall! Start by cutting your board into the desired shape and size of your wall. For an interesting look, try a semi-circle or other creative shapes instead of a straight rectangle. Then secure the board to the wall using screws with anchors.

The Benefits of a Nerf Gun Wall for Storage and Play

A Nerf gun wall can provide many benefits for your home, both in terms of storage and play. Not only does a Nerf gun wall look great, but it also provides a neat way to store all of your child’s Nerf guns and darts without taking up too much space or creating a cluttered look.

Store All of Your Child’s Nerf Guns

Additionally, a Nerf gun wall serves as an excellent place to hang targets for shooting practice and playtime with friends. With the right setup, you can even make use of magnets on the back of the guns for magnetic dart board challenges!

No matter how you choose to use it, a Nerf gun wall is sure to be an exciting addition to any home. Plus, if you make one yourself with a bit of creativity and know-how, you can customize it to make it truly unique!

So if you’re looking for a great storage and play solution for your home, why not consider making a Nerf gun wall? It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for the kids – and maybe even yourself

Choosing a Suitable Wall Space for the Nerf Gun Display

When deciding on a wall space for your Nerf gun display, it is important to consider the size and weight of the guns. The wall should be able to support both the weight of the Nerf guns as well as any shelving or mounting brackets you may choose to use. Additionally, make sure that there is enough space to fit all of your Nerf guns comfortably with enough room for easy access.

If you have a larger collection, consider installing two separate displays in different locations.

Once you have chosen an appropriate wall space for your Nerf gun display, it’s time to begin hanging your guns! Depending on how many Nerf guns you own and how much detail you would like in your display will determine which type of hardware you need to purchase.

Some popular options include heavy-duty screws, nails, or hooks that can be easily attached to the wall. Additionally, if you plan on arranging your guns in a particular pattern or order, consider using mounting brackets to keep them securely in place.

10 Methods How to Make a Nerf Gun Wall

1. Choose the Perfect Wall Space

The first step in creating a Nerf gun wall is to select the ideal wall space for your battleground. Consider a location that is easily accessible and offers enough room for kids to move around during their Nerf battles. A playroom, game room, or even a section of a bedroom wall can work well.

Select the Ideal Wall Space

Ensure that the chosen wall space is away from valuable or fragile items to minimize the risk of accidental damage during play.

2. Clear and Prepare the Wall

Clear the wall of any existing decorations, posters, or wall art to create a blank canvas for your Nerf gun wall. Fill in any holes or imperfections on the wall surface and give it a fresh coat of paint if needed. Opt for a neutral or dark color to allow the colorful Nerf blasters and accessories to stand out against the backdrop.

3. Install Pegboard Panels

Pegboard panels are an excellent option for creating a versatile and organized Nerf gun wall. Measure the wall space and purchase enough pegboard panels to cover the area. Install the pegboard securely to the wall using wall anchors and screws.

Pegboard allows you to customize the arrangement of blasters and accessories by easily moving and adding pegboard hooks and holders.

4. DIY Nerf Gun Racks

For a more customized and creative approach, consider building your own Nerf gun racks. Using wood, PVC pipes, or even repurposed materials, construct vertical or horizontal racks to hold the blasters. Add individual slots for each blaster and label them for easy identification. You can also incorporate additional shelves or compartments to store darts, magazines, and other accessories.

5. Utilize Slatwall Panels

Slatwall panels are another excellent option for creating a functional and visually appealing Nerf gun wall. These panels feature horizontal grooves that allow you to insert various hooks and holders to display blasters and accessories.

Install slatwall panels on the wall and arrange the hooks and holders to accommodate your Nerf collection. Slatwall offers flexibility in organizing your blasters and can be easily rearranged as your collection grows.

6. DIY Dart Holders

To keep darts neatly organized and readily accessible, craft your own DIY dart holders. Use PVC pipes, cardboard tubes, or plastic containers to create compartments for darts. Attach these holders to the wall or incorporate them into your custom-built Nerf gun racks. Organizing darts separately ensures they are always on hand for action-packed Nerf battles.

Craft Your Own DIY Dart Holders

7. Create a Target Gallery

Enhance the Nerf gun wall with a target gallery to test and improve accuracy during play. Craft or purchase foam dart targets and attach them to the wall. Targets can include traditional bullseyes, moving targets, or even themed designs. Encourage players to practice their aim and compete for the highest score, adding an exciting element to Nerf battles.

8. Personalize with Nerf Gun Decals

Add a touch of personality to your Nerf gun wall by decorating it with Nerf gun-themed decals or stickers. These decals can feature blasters, logos, or favorite Nerf characters, transforming the wall into an authentic Nerf battleground. Apply the decals strategically around the storage areas and target gallery to create a cohesive and immersive Nerf gun experience.

9. Incorporate Storage Solutions

In addition to organizing blasters and darts on the wall, consider incorporating additional storage solutions for Nerf gun accessories. Install shelves, bins, or storage containers near the Nerf gun wall to keep extra magazines, scopes, and other accessories neatly stowed away. Having everything within reach ensures a seamless and exciting Nerf gun playtime.

10. Add Seating and Safety Measures

To enhance the overall Nerf gun experience, add comfortable seating near the Nerf gun wall. Bean bags, floor cushions, or small chairs provide kids with a designated space to reload and strategize during Nerf battles.

Additionally, emphasize safety by establishing clear rules for gameplay, such as wearing protective eyewear, setting boundaries for play areas, and encouraging safe handling of blasters.

Encouraging Safe Handling of Blasters


Now you know the basics for constructing a Nerf Gun Wall from scratch! With plenty of designing and creative options, it’s up to your imagination how fancy or basic you make it. No matter what design you come up with, make sure that it is secure enough so that the Nerf Guns won’t be falling out or toppling over.

All in all, the Nerf gun wall can be as unique a statement as its creator, and a great way to show off your arsenal Next time a Nerf battle ensues, check out your handy-work and see how the ultimate fortress works when it comes ammunition time.

Just make sure you follow all the steps properly when putting together your wall of defense and have a lot of fun building it! So if you’re looking for an interesting project to add some zing to your walls without costing too much, give our How to Make a Nerf Gun Wall guide article a try!

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