How to Cut Acrylic Sheets With Cricut

Are you feeling creative and looking for a new outlet to express yourself? Have you ever considered acrylic sheets as a medium? Thanks to the latest tools from Cricut, cutting acrylic has never been easier. With this guide, we’ll show you how to cut acrylic sheets with cricut. Whether it’s craft projects or professional displays, making intricate cuts in hard materials just got simple—join us as we discuss all of your acrylic-cutting options!

Crafting with the help of a Cricut machine has become quite popular over recent years, giving both novice and experienced crafters alike an opportunity to create precise and beautiful pieces with ease. Working with acrylic sheets has also become increasingly popular due to their durability and ability to be cut into intricate shapes as needed. Creating projects from acrylics can be very fun, but cutting these sheets is not always so easy – until now!

How to Cut Acrylic Sheets With Cricut

Why May You Want to Cut Acrylic Sheets With Cricut?

1 . To Create Customized Acrylic Projects

Acrylic sheets are a popular material for crafting and DIY projects due to their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. However, sometimes you might want to add more personalization or intricate details to your acrylic project that cannot be achieved through traditional methods such as hand cutting or using a saw. This is where Cricut comes in – it allows you to cut acrylic sheets with precision and ease, making it the perfect tool for creating customized projects.

2 . To Save Time and Effort

Cutting acrylic sheets by hand can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially if you are working on intricate designs or multiple pieces. Using Cricut to cut your acrylic sheets significantly reduces the time and effort required, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project or complete it within a shorter timeframe. This can be especially beneficial if you are working on a deadline or have multiple projects to complete.

3 . To Achieve Professional-Looking Results

Cricut machines use advanced technology and precise blades to cut materials with incredible accuracy, resulting in clean and professional-looking cuts every time. This is especially important when working with acrylic sheets, as any mistakes or uneven cuts can ruin the overall appearance of your project. Using a Cricut ensures that you achieve perfect and consistent cuts, giving your project a polished and high-quality finish.

Cricut Machines Use Advanced Technology

4 . To Expand Your Crafting Possibilities

By adding Cricut to your crafting arsenal, you open up a world of possibilities for working with acrylic sheets. With the ability to cut intricate designs and various shapes, you can create unique and complex projects that were previously not possible by hand cutting. This allows you to explore new techniques and push the boundaries of your creativity, making Cricut a valuable tool for any crafter or DIY enthusiast.

How to Cut Acrylic Sheets With Cricut in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you start cutting your acrylic sheets with Cricut, make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools. You will need:

  • Acrylic sheet
  • Cricut machine (preferably one with a deep-cut blade)
  • StrongGrip or StandardGrip mat
  • Painter’s tape
  • Weeding tools or tweezers
  • Protective gloves and eyewear

Step 2: Prepare Your Design

To cut your acrylic sheets, you will need a design or pattern. You can either create your design using Cricut Design Space or use a pre-made design from the online library. Make sure the size of your design fits within the cutting area of your chosen Cricut machine. You may also want to mirror your design if it contains text or other directional elements.

You Will Need a Design or Pattern

Step 3: Set Up Your Cricut Machine

Next, you will need to set up your Cricut machine for cutting acrylic sheets. If you have a Cricut Explore or Maker, you can easily switch out the blade for the deep-cut blade. This will ensure that your machine has enough power to cut through the thicker acrylic material. You may also need to adjust the pressure and speed settings in Cricut Design Space.

Step 4: Secure Acrylic Sheet on the Mat

Place your acrylic sheet on a StrongGrip or StandardGrip mat with the protective film facing up. Secure the edges of the sheet with painter’s tape to prevent it from shifting during the cutting process. If your design has multiple layers, you may need to cut each layer separately and then assemble them.

Step 5: Cut and Weed Your Design

Load the prepared mat into your Cricut machine and press the start button. Your machine will begin cutting out your design on the acrylic sheet. Once it’s finished, remove the sheet from the mat and carefully peel away any excess acrylic material using weeding tools or tweezers. Your custom-cut acrylic design is now ready to use!

Load the Prepared Mat 
Into Your Cricut Machine

Tips for Cutting Acrylic Sheets with Cricut

1 . Use a StrongGrip Mat

Acrylic sheets are thicker and heavier than paper or vinyl, so it’s important to use a mat with a stronger grip to ensure that the sheet stays in place during cutting.

2 . Choose the Right Blade

As mentioned earlier, using a deep-cut blade is recommended for cutting acrylic sheets. This blade has more power and can easily cut through thicker materials.

3 . Take Your Time

Cutting acrylic with Cricut may take longer than cutting other materials, so be patient and allow the machine to do its job. Rushing the process can result in a less precise or incomplete cut. Also, keep an eye on the machine and make sure it doesn’t overheat.

4 . Experiment with Settings

Every Cricut machine and acrylic sheet may require different settings for cutting. If your first attempt doesn’t yield satisfactory results, don’t be afraid to experiment with different pressure and speed settings until you find what works best for your specific materials.

5 . Practice Makes Perfect

Like with any skill, cutting acrylic sheets with Cricut takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if your first few attempts don’t turn out perfectly. Keep trying and soon you’ll be able to cut intricate designs on acrylic sheets like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take Before Cutting Acrylic Sheets With Cricut?

Before cutting acrylic sheets with your Cricut, it is important to take a few precautions to ensure a successful and safe cutting experience. First, make sure to use the correct blade for cutting acrylic – the Deep Point Blade. This blade is specifically designed for cutting thick materials like acrylic.

Additionally, you should always make sure your acrylic sheet is properly secured on the cutting mat to avoid any movement or shifting during the cutting process. Lastly, wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves and eye protection to protect yourself from any sharp edges or debris.

Your Acrylic Sheet 
is Properly Secured

Can I Use Any Type of Acrylic Sheet With Cricut?

While Cricut machines are capable of cutting various types of materials, it is important to note that not all acrylic sheets are suitable for cutting with a Cricut. Make sure to check the thickness and composition of your acrylic sheet before attempting to cut it with your machine. Generally, sheets that are 3mm or less in thickness work best with Cricut machines.

How Do I Set Up My Cricut Machine For Cutting Acrylic Sheets?

First, make sure you have the correct blade and cutting mat for cutting acrylic. Next, adjust your machine’s settings by selecting “Custom Material” on the menu screen and then manually entering the thickness of your acrylic sheet.

This will ensure that your machine cuts through the sheet without damaging it. It is also recommended to do a test cut on a small corner of your sheet before cutting your entire design to ensure the settings are correct.

What Can I Do With The Cut Acrylic Sheets?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using cut acrylic sheets! Some popular uses include creating custom signs, jewelry, home decor, and even personalized gifts. You can also use adhesive vinyl or paint to add additional designs or colors to your cut acrylic pieces. Get creative and let your Cricut do the cutting for you!

How Do I Clean My Cricut After Cutting Acrylic Sheets?

To clean your Cricut machine after cutting acrylic sheets, first remove any excess debris or pieces of acrylic from the blade and mat. Then, wipe down the machine with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage your machine. Finally, make sure to thoroughly dry your Cricut before using it again. With these precautions in mind, you can confidently use your Cricut to cut acrylic sheets and bring your designs to life! So go ahead and get creative – the possibilities are endless with this versatile cutting tool.


Although cutting acrylic sheets with a Cricut machine can require some trial and error, the overall process is relatively straightforward. With some careful preparation, patience, and practice, you’ll be off to crafting beautiful creations like acrylic earrings, necklaces and other creative home décor accents.

Now you know how to cut acrylic sheets with cricut! Additionally, a Cricut machine offers far more flexibility when it comes to creating intricate cuts that home-made tools computers never produce. So don’t wait any longer – dust off your Cricut machine now and take your projects to the next level! With just a little bit of persistence and creativity, you’re sure to make something amazing!

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