How to Crochet Hair Clips

Ready to add some flair and personality to your hair styling routine? Crochet hair clips are becoming increasingly popular as a way to dress up any hairdo, and they’re easy enough for even the newest crafters to make. 

How to Crochet Hair Clips

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create these cute accessories step by step so that you can be the trendsetter among your friends! From dyeing yarn in vibrant colors to rubbing hairspray on finished pieces for extra hold, you’ll have all the tips and tricks necessary for creating beautiful crochet hair clips. So grab your tools, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea!), and get ready for an exciting crafting adventure.

Tools You Will Need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn in the desired color
  • Hair Clip(s)
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hairspray (optional)

6 Steps Guide on How to Crochet Hair Clips

1. Begin by Crocheting a Small Circle

To start crocheting a small circle for your crochet hair clips, begin by making a magic loop (also called a slip knot) and then work 6 single crochet stitches into the center of the loop. Pull on the tail end of your thread to cinch it closed—this is the beginning of your new circle. All that’s left is to join with a slip stitch to the first stitch and tighten your loop together.

With these few simple steps, you’ve created the foundation upon which you can build beautiful crochet hair accessories!

2. Join With a Slip Stitch to the First Stitch

Stitches Around the Circle

Starting the second row of crocheting your hair clip is just as easy! Simply begin single crochet stitches around the circle until you reach your starting point and join with a slip stitch. Don’t forget to pull the loop tight; this will keep your pattern from unraveling and ensure that your stitches are even and secure. With these steps, you can make any number of hair clips in multiple colors and customize them to any look you desire!

3. Continue Crocheting Until Your Circle is Wider

Crocheting hair clips is a fun and creative way to express your unique style. To begin, use a stitch marker to start your round and add more stitches in each subsequent round. Make sure you keep your crochet stitches tight, as this will give you the most secure fit around the clip. Once your circle is the right size, carefully slide it over the clip.

Secure the open ends of your circle together by weaving in loose ends with a tapestry needle. Now you have yourself a beautiful crocheted hair accessory! Add some flair by using colorful or patterned yarn, or even pom poms as decorations.

4. Slip Your Finished Piece

Attaching your crocheted circle to the hair clip is an easy process, once you’ve completed a beautiful piece of crochet work. Simply slip the finished item over the teeth of the clip and hold it there in a slightly taut position – make sure you don’t stretch it too much or it won’t stay in place properly.

Once you’ve secured it you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol dabbed around the edges will also help ensure your crochet piece stays stable on the clip. Finally, firmly press down on the edges to complete and admire your stunning new crochet hair clip!

5. Make Sure That the Crochet Doesn’t Slide Off

Securing crochet hair clips to your hair is an easy way to add volume and texture to your hairstyle, but the extra hold you get can be greatly enhanced with a light coating of hairspray. Many people don’t realize that it’s not just for styling; it can also help make sure that the crochet doesn’t slide off when you wear it.

A light spray of hairspray evenly applied over the entire surface not only adds hold but helps each strand to stay in place all day long with minimal touch-ups. Don’t worry, you won’t get any crunchy or sticky feeling with this trick – just extra hold!

6. Let Your Hair Clips Dry

Crochet hair clips are surprisingly easy to make, and can help you achieve a sophisticated yet simple hairstyle. All you need is some crochet thread and a few hair clips – the rest is all up to your creativity! After threading the crochet thread around each clip, let them dry properly before attempting any hairstyles. 

Enjoy Your Homemade Accessories

This way, you will be able to enjoy your homemade accessories passed on from generation to generation with confidence, knowing that they won’t accidentally pull out of your hair or come undone throughout the day. So why not give it a try this weekend? With a little bit of patience and a few basic items, you’ll have some unique pieces of jewel-toned couture in no time!

Crochet hair clips are an easy and fun way to bring some extra pizzazz to your look. Customize the size, shape, and colors of these accessories to match your hairstyle or outfit — they’re sure to be a conversation starter!

Tips to Crochet Hair Clips

  1. Decide on the size of the hair clip. The size of the hair clip will determine the amount of yarn you need to use.
  2. Cut a piece of yarn that is twice the length of the hair clip.
  3. Fold the yarn in half and insert it into the hair clip.
  4. Pull the ends of the yarn through the loop and tighten.
  5. Trim the ends of the yarn so that they are even.
  6. To add embellishments to the hair clip, thread a piece of ribbon or string through the top of the hair clip and tie it in a bow. You can also glue on beads or sequins.
  7. To make a different type of Crochet Hair Clip, try using a different type of yarn or thread. You can also use multiple colors of yarn to create a striped pattern.
  8. If you want your Crochet Hair Clip to be extra sturdy, you can reinforce it by adding a layer of hot glue around the edges before you start crocheting.

Add Some Sparkle and Shine with These DIY Crochet Hair Clips!

Looking for a way to stand out and make a statement? Look no further than these DIY crochet hair clips! With a few supplies, you can craft your own unique and eye-catching hair accessories. 

Eye Catching Hair Accessories

Whether it’s adding color to an outfit or making a bold statement with intricate patterns, these little pieces of sparkle and shine are sure to turn heads. Plus, crocheting them is fun, quick, and easy! So make sure to try making some of your own today!

How To Make Your Own Customized Crochet Hair Clips in Just Minutes?

Making your own unique crochet hair clips can be a breeze! All you need is some basic knitting supplies: one Styrofoam hair alligator clip, yarn of your desired color, scissors, and a crochet hook. To make the clip, start by wrapping the yarn around the clip until it’s completely covered. Next, use the crochet hook to create a slip knot at the bottom of the clip so it’s secure. 

Finally, continue using the crochet hook to make stitching along the clip until it’s completely covered with the desired pattern. You can then finish off the project by cutting off any excess yarn and tying an extra knot in the end for security. And just like that, in just minutes you have created your very own customized crochet hair clip!

How to Create Unique and Stylish Crochet Hair Clips in No Time?

Creating unique and stylish crochet hair clips doesn’t have to take hours. With a few simple supplies, you can have something to spruce up your hairstyle quickly in no time! To get started, you will need some multi-colored yarn, scissors, and a crochet hook. 

Need Some Multi Colored Yarn

Cut the yarn into manageable pieces about 4-6 inches long and thread them onto the hook. Starting at the top of the clip, make single crochets all around until you reach your desired size. When finished, make sure to tie off the last stitch and leave a short tail that can be used to secure the clip onto your hair. Now you can feel proud as you show off your unique and stylish crafty creation!


Crocheting your hair clip is a fun and creative way to make something unique for yourself or your loved ones. It’s an easy project that can be done throughout the afternoon, and it requires minimal materials and tools. 

Plus, there are lots of interesting patterns you can experiment with! Learning these basic skills will open up more possibilities when it comes to handmade creations in the future. Whether you’re just looking for a new hobby, or want to make something special for someone you love, crocheting hair clips is a great place to start!

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