How to Crochet Eyes with Yarn

Are you looking for a unique way to bring extra life and personality to your crochet creations? Crocheting eyes with yarn is the perfect solution! This technique can be used on virtually any item, from stuffed animals to dolls to decorations.

How to Crochet Eyes with Yarn

With just a little bit of yarn and minimal supplies, anyone can create beautiful eyes for their handmade toys, ornaments, or wall hangings. In this blog post, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to crochet eyes with yarn and personalize your crochet projects. Read on for everything you need to know about making crocheted eyes!

What Can I Use for Eyes in Crochet?

You may have seen all kinds of eyes used in crochet, from buttons and beads to embroidered designs. But for a more natural look, yarn can be a great choice for creating eyes. Yarn eyes are commonly seen in amigurumi toys, dolls, animals, and other crocheted items.

They’re easy to make, and depending on the size of the eye, you can use just about any type of yarn. Here’s how to crochet eyes with yarn for your next project. Additionally, you can use safety eyes if you prefer.

What You’ll Need

  1.  Yarn (any weight)
  2. Crochet Hook
  3. Tapestry Needle
  4. Scissors

8 Methods How to Crochet Eyes with Yarn

1.  Knit or Crochet Eyes

One of the easiest ways to crochet eyes with yarn is to simply knit or crochet them onto your project. This method is best for small projects, such as amigurumi or other toys. To do this, you will need a small amount of yarn in the desired eye color and a crochet hook or knitting needles. If you are using yarn, you will also need a needle with a large eye.

Begin by threading the yarn onto the needle. For crochet, create a loop on the crochet hook and thread the yarn through it.

Need a Small Amount of Yarn

2.  Use a Pom-Pom Maker

Another easy way to make crocheted eyes with yarn is to use a pom-pom maker. Pom-pom makers come in a variety of sizes, so you can make eyes that are as small or as large as you like.

To use a pom-pom maker, simply wrap the yarn around the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then cut and tie the yarn to secure it. Trim the pom-pom to shape it into an eye, and glue it onto your project. They may not be able to be used as eyes for stuffed animals due to their shape, but they can make great additions to other crochet projects.

3.  Make Your Own Pom-Poms

If you don’t have a pom-pom maker, you can easily make your own pom-poms using two pieces of cardboard or two pieces of plastic (such as from a yogurt cup). Simply trace a circle onto one piece of cardboard, then cut it out. Cut another smaller circle out of the center of this first circle.

Do the same thing with the second piece of cardboard or plastic. Place the two circles together, then wrap the yarn around them until they are completely covered. Cut the yarn and tie it tightly in the center, then trim the edges of the cardboard or plastic circles to create a pom-pom. Glue your finished pom-pom onto your project.

4.  Use Pipe Cleaners

Another easy way to make crocheted eyes with yarn is to use pipe cleaners. They provide an alternative to using safety eyes and can be used for a variety of projects. Tie the end of the pipe cleaner to the end of your yarn.

Alternative to Using Safety Eyes

Begin wrapping the pipe cleaner around the hook, making sure to cover it completely. Securely knot the pipe cleaner and continue crocheting with your yarn as normal until you reach the desired size for your eye.

When finished, cut off any excess pipe cleaner and shape it into round circles or ovals for eyes. Securely knot the pipe cleaner to your project and trim off any excess yarn.

5.  Use Buttons

You can also use buttons to create crocheted eyes with yarn. Buttons should be securely stitched onto the crocheted piece so that they are not too loose or too tight. Use a single crochet stitch around each button to attach it to the surface of the project.

To complete this step, pull the yarn through both loops of each stitch before completing the row. Sewing on buttons can add texture and color in addition to creating the eyes. Make sure you choose buttons that are safe for children as they may be playing with your crochet project.

6.  Use Googly Eyes

Another option for creating crocheted eyes with yarn is to use googly eyes. These are easy to find in craft stores and come in a variety of sizes. They work best for amigurumi projects as the eyes can be securely attached and won’t come off. To attach the googly eyes to your crocheted item, you will need to use a dab of hot glue.

Make sure to place the eyes securely so that they won’t come off during play or use. You can also sew them on with a needle and thread if you prefer. Googly eyes are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to any amigurumi project.

Another Option for Creating Crocheted Eyes

7 . Use Beads

Beads are another option for creating crocheted eyes with yarn. This method is perfect for crocheting stuffed animals and toys. To crochet eyes with beads, you will need the same materials as the previous two methods. Thread the needle with a length of yarn and thread a bead onto it. Then insert the needle into an appropriate spot on your crochet project and pull the yarn through. 

Secure the bead in place by tying a knot at each end of the yarn. You can use different-sized beads for more interesting eyes or use multiple strands of yarn and beads to create larger eyes. Once you’ve finished creating the eyes, you can snip off any excess yarn. This method is simple and very effective in adding an extra bit of cuteness to your crocheted creations!

8. Use Embroidery Thread

If you’re looking for a more detailed look, then embroidery thread is a great option. Simply use a needle and thread to create the eyes on your crocheted item. Start by stitching two small circles, then add details such as eyelashes or eyebrows with different colored threads.

You can also use multiple strands of embroidery thread together to make larger eyes. This is a great way to give your project a professional look and add a bit of personality.

By following these steps, you can easily create crocheted eyes with yarn. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more detailed or just want a simple way to give your project character, there are plenty of options available. Try different techniques and materials to find the one that works best for you and your project!

Things to Consider When Crochet Eyes with Yarn

1. Size

It’s important to consider the size of the yarn you are using when crocheting eyes. Depending on the project, you may need to crochet eyes using yarn of a particular thickness for an accurate result. The size of the crocheted eyes also depends on the scale of your project.

Crochet Eyes Using Yarn

2. Color

The color of the yarn you choose will largely depend upon the look and feel that you are aiming for with your project. Consider picking yarn colors that complement each other, and ensure that they are suitable for the crocheted eyes you are creating.

3. Pattern

When selecting a pattern for crocheting eyes, pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to follow. Different patterns can generate different results when working with yarn, so be sure to take this into consideration before getting started on a project.

4. Technique

Practice different crochet techniques when working with yarn to create eyes, such as single-crochet and half-double crochet stitches. This will ensure that your results come out looking professional and polished.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can crochet eyes using yarn for a variety of projects. With the right tools and technique, crocheting eyes with yarn can be both enjoyable and rewarding!

What Size Safety Eyes to Use?

Safety eyes come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from very small to large. Generally speaking, the size of the safety eye should be determined by the size of the project you are working on. For larger projects, such as teddy bears or dolls, use larger safety eyes; for smaller projects, such as amigurumi animals, use smaller safety eyes.

In addition to size, consider the style of the safety eye. Depending on the look you are going for, there is a range of safety eyes available such as plastic or glass eyes in different colors and shapes. Consider all these factors when selecting safety eyes for your project!

The Style of the Safety Eye


Now that you know how to crochet eyes with yarn put your new skills to the test! Crochet a few pairs of eyes and experiment with different colors and sizes. With a little practice, you’ll be able to add personality and life to any amigurumi project.

 Crocheting eyes with yarn is a great way to add character and personality to your projects. The process is simple and only requires a few materials. With a little practice, you’ll be able to crochet perfect eyes every time. Give it a try today!

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