How to Attach Pom Pom to Hat

Adding pom-poms to hats is an exciting and easy way to add a special touch of personality. It is important to know how to attach pom pom to hat. Whether you’re creating an entirely custom look or personalizing store-bought caps, adding one (or several!) pom-poms offers the perfect finishing touch. 

How to Attach Pom Pom to Hat

If you’ve ever wondered how to attach a pom-pom to a hat without sewing, here are our best tips and tricks – along with some accessories that make it even easier! Follow these simple steps and before long your hat will be adorned with elegant tufts of fur…ready for admiring glances!

Tools You Will Need

  • Hat
  • Pom pom(s)
  • Needle and thread (or fabric glue)

Top 5 Easy Instructions Guide on How to Attach Pom Pom to Hat

Step 1:Gather the Necessary Supplies

Have your hat, pom poms, needle, and thread (or fabric glue) ready for when you begin.

Before getting started, it is important to be sure that you have all of the necessary supplies ready. For this project, you will need a hat, pom poms, a needle, and either thread or fabric glue to attach them. 

If you need to shop for supplies, always check your local craft stores – they tend to have everything you could ever need! Once you have collected these items, take time to think about how and where on the hat the pom-poms will look best. 

When deciding this, consider color, size, and style – all of which can help create a truly unique finished product.

Step 2: Place the Pom Pom 

Securing the pom-pom to the hat is an important part of the process, so be sure you take your time with this step. You should place it exactly where you want it as that will determine its position for good. 

An Important Part of the Process

If you make a mistake or want to adjust the positioning, you could potentially ruin your hat, so ensure that the placement is correct before moving on. It’s worthwhile taking a few moments to double-check everything.

Make sure the placement is correct before you proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Apply a Small Amount of Glue

Working with fabric glue is the simplest way to secure your homemade pom poms to the top of your hat. Applying a thin layer of glue on the backside of your pom-pom and attaching it to the hat should do the trick. 

Make sure you allow enough time for it to sit and dry before going on to work on other decorations or embellishments – 1-2 hours is ideal so it can firmly adhere in place! With this short step in mind, creating a unique hat perfect for any winter adventure is easier than ever!

Step 4: Make a Small Stitch at the Base 

If you want your pom to stay securely in place on your hat, using a needle and thread is the way to go. Start by making a small stitch at the base of both your pom and your hat so that they stay firmly together. 

You need to be careful not to make the stitches too tight as this can easily cause damage to your beloved hat. Instead, ensure that each stitch is snug enough so that it holds everything in its place but not overly so that it pulls and ruins your item.

Make sure the stitches are tight but not too tight as you may damage your hat if they are too tight.

Step 5: Fluff and Shape Your Pom

Once all your stitches (or glue) are in place, you can fluff and shape your pom to make sure it is even and looks the way you want. That’s all there is to it! With just a few easy steps, you can easily attach your favorite pom poms to any of your hats for a fashionable and personalized look. 

A Fashionable and Personalized Look

So go ahead and give it a try – it’s an easy way to make sure your wardrobe not only looks great but also stands out from the crowd!  Happy crafting!

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6 Additional Tips on Attaching Pom Pom to Hat

1. There are two main types of pom poms – yarn pom poms and fur pom poms. Yarn pom poms are made from, you guessed it, yarn! They’re typically softer and fluffier than fur pom poms and come in a wide variety of colors. Fur pom poms, on the other hand, are made from real or synthetic fur. They’re usually denser and fuller than yarn pom poms and can add a bit of luxury to your hat.

2. Most hats have a hole at the top where you can easily thread the string or ribbon through and tie it off. If your hat doesn’t have a hole, you’ll need to create one. i and thread to make a small opening, then widen it enough to fit the ribbon or string through.

3. How long your ribbon or string needs to be will depend on how big your pom is and where you’re attaching it to your hat. A good rule of thumb is to cut it twice as long as you want it to be, just to be safe.

4. Thread the ribbon or string through the hole in your hat (or through the needle if you’re making your hole). If you’re using ribbon, make sure that the side with the adhesive is facing up so that it will be easier to attach the pom later on.

5. Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon or string to secure it in place. Make sure that the knot is tight so that your pom doesn’t come loose.

6. Attach the pom pom to the other end of the ribbon or string. If you’re using fur Pom Pom, there’s no need to use adhesive as the fur will hold it in place. If you’re using yarn Pom Pom, apply a small amount of glue or adhesive to one side of the Pom Pom, then press it firmly against the end of the ribbon or string

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Pom-poms is Best for Attaching to Hats?

Making pom-poms to attach to hats is a fun way to add a decorative touch. Depending on the desired look, different types of pom-poms can be used. Faux fur pom-poms work well for winter hats and add an extra layer of warmth. 

For a classic look, opt for velvet or wool pom-poms which come in a plethora of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for something unique, go with a natural fiber like cotton or hemp and make your pom-poms with yarn, scissors, and some creativity. And if you don’t want your hat looking too bulky, try lightweight faux leather pom-poms that are sure to pull your whole outfit together. 

A Natural Fiber Like Cotton or Hemp

So the type of pom-pom that is best for attaching to hats depends completely on what look you’re aiming for – keep experimenting to find the perfect accessory for your headwear!

How Long Should the Ribbon or String Be for Attaching a Pom Pom to a Hat?

When attaching a pom pom to a hat, the ribbon or string should be long enough so it can go around the brim of the hat securely. The size of the brim and shape of the hat will determine how long this ribbon or string needs to be, with wider brims requiring longer lengths. 

To provide adequate security, measure around the circumference of the brim and add another inch or two before cutting. This will leave extra length in case special adjustments need to be made. 

If too much string is left after securing the pom properly, make one or two single knots relatively close together at either side of where it connects to the hat, and trim off any extra excess.

How Do You Make Sure That the Knot Holding the Pom in Place is Tight Enough?

To make sure that the knot holding the pom in place is tight enough, start by making sure you have the right type and size of the knot. 

A square or a cloverleaf knot are good options for this type of craft. After selecting your knot, pull it tight and keep an eye on it as you work to be sure it doesn’t loosen. If loose ends come out, trim them away so they don’t fray. 

When finished, gently tug on the pom to make sure the knot is strong but not too tight. With just a bit of attentiveness, you can ensure that your pom stays secure with a firm yet comfortable knot.

The Right Type and Size of the Knot


Now that you know how to attach pom pom to hat. You can add this fun detail to all of your winter gear! 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, there are plenty of ways to add pom poms to hats. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind hat that will keep you warm all winter long. 

Give it a try and see what works best for you! This simple task is a great way to personalize every one of your hats, and it only takes a few minutes. So grab some yarn and get started today!

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