How to Sew Christmas Bags

Are you looking for a creative way to make your holiday gifts stand out from the rest? With Christmas quickly approaching, don’t think that store-bought gift wrapping will do your presents justice. Instead, why not try something more personalized and learn how to sew festive Christmas bags?

Whether you’re an aspiring crafter or have been sewing since early childhood, this blog post on how to sew christmas bags is full of tips and tricks designed to help even the most novice sewers create custom drawstring bags with beautiful handmade decorations for their holiday gifts.

Read on for all the know-how needed to make these stunning packages look like they’re straight from Santa’s workshop!

Things to Consider Before Starting

Fabric Selection:

When it comes to fabric, the possibilities are endless. From traditional Christmas prints like poinsettias and reindeer to more modern patterns like snowflakes and buffalo check, there’s sure to be a fabric that will make your bags truly unique. Consider using cotton or canvas for a sturdy bag that can hold heavier items.

Bag Size:

Before you begin sewing, determine what size of bag you’ll need based on the gifts you plan to put inside. You can use a pattern or simply measure and cut out your desired dimensions from the fabric.


To add some extra holiday flair to your bags, consider adding embellishments like ribbons, buttons, or appliques. These decorations can be sewn on before or after assembling the bag.

10 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Sew Christmas Bags

Step 1: Gather All Materials Needed

This includes fabric, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, ribbon or drawstring cord, and any additional embellishments. It’s also helpful to have a ruler or measuring tape, fabric markers or chalk, and pins on hand.

You may also want to have a pattern or template if you are new to sewing. If you plan on using a sewing machine, make sure it is in good working condition.

Using a Sewing Machine

Step 2: Pre-Wash Fabric

To prevent shrinking and ensure that your fabric is clean, it’s important to pre-wash and dry it before starting your project. It’s also a good idea to iron out any wrinkles. But make sure your fabric is not too hot before handling as it can cause burns. You can also use a fabric stabilizer if your fabric is thin or prone to fraying.

Step 3: Cut Out Bag Pieces

Using your pattern or measurements, cut out two pieces of fabric for the bag and two pieces for the lining. You may also want to add an extra inch to the length and width of your bag pieces for seam allowance.

It’s also a good idea to cut out two small rectangles for the drawstring channels. This will help keep the drawstring in place. But if you are using a ribbon or cord, this step may not be necessary.

Step 4: Decorate Fabric Pieces

Now is the time to add any embellishments to your fabric. This can include sewing on decorative buttons, appliques, or hand-painted designs. Get creative and make each bag unique! It’s also a good idea to decorate your fabric before sewing the bag pieces together. But you can also do this after if you prefer.

Step 5: Sew the Drawstring Channel

If you are using a ribbon or cord for the drawstring, now is the time to sew on your fabric channels. Simply fold and press about ½ inch of fabric on each short side of your rectangle pieces. Then place them on the top edge of your bag pieces and sew along both sides. Make sure to leave a small opening on each side for the drawstring to come out.

Using a Ribbon on Christmas Bag

Step 6: Sew Bag Pieces Together

Next, place your two bag pieces together with the right sides facing each other. Pin in place and sew around the three open edges using a half-inch seam allowance. Be sure to leave a small opening at the bottom for turning and attaching the lining. It’s also helpful to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching to secure the seams.

Step 7: Sew Lining Pieces Together

Repeat the same steps used for sewing the bag pieces together with the lining fabric. However, make sure to leave a small opening at the bottom for turning. But this time, do not sew the top edge where the drawstring channels are attached. It’s also a good idea to iron out any wrinkles on the lining.

Step 8: Attach the Bag and Lining Pieces

With the bag inside out and the lining right side out, place the lining inside the bag. Align the top edges of both pieces and pin them in place. Sew around the top edge, making sure to catch both bag pieces and lining together.

You can use a zigzag stitch or a serger to prevent fraying. It’s also helpful to sew a second seam about ⅛ inch below the first for added strength.

Step 9: Turn the Bag Right Side Out

Carefully pull the bag through the small opening at the bottom, turning it right side out. Sew up the opening using an invisible stitch or your sewing machine. Then tuck in any excess fabric at the bottom and press with an iron. This will create a clean and crisp edge. You can also sew around the entire top edge for a more finished look.

Step 10: Add the Drawstring

Finally, thread your ribbon or cord through one channel, all the way around the bag, and back out the same side. Tie the two ends together in a knot or bow. Repeat this step with the other channel, but starting from the opposite side. And voila! Your beautiful Christmas bag is now complete and ready to be filled with presents.

Follow these steps on how to sew christmas bags and use your own creativity to make unique and personalized Christmas bags for all your loved ones. These handmade gifts are not only environmentally friendly but also show how much you care. Happy sewing!

Personalized Your Christmas Bags

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of materials will vary depending on the fabric and embellishments you choose. However, making your own Christmas bags can save you money in the long run as they can be reused year after year. Plus, there’s no price tag on the joy and thoughtfulness that comes with giving handmade gifts.

So go ahead and grab your sewing supplies and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your very own Christmas bags! So go ahead and grab your sewing supplies and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your very own Christmas bags! So go ahead and grab your sewing supplies and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your very own Christmas bags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Use a Sewing Machine to Make Christmas Bags?

A: Yes, a sewing machine can be used to sew Christmas bags. However, it is also possible to hand-sew them if you do not have access to a sewing machine. This may take longer, but the end result will still be just as beautiful.

Q: Do I Need to Use a Pattern?

A: No, you do not necessarily need to use a pattern. You can simply measure and cut out your desired bag size, adding an extra inch for seam allowance. However, if you are new to sewing or want a specific shape or design for your bag, using a pattern can be helpful. So go ahead and grab your sewing supplies and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your very own Christmas bags!

Specific Shape or Design for Your Bag

Q: Can I Personalize the Christmas Bags?

A: Yes, you can personalize the Christmas bags by adding decorative embellishments such as buttons or appliques, or by hand-painting designs on the fabric. This is a great way to make each bag unique and special for the recipient.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Sew a Christmas Bag?

A: The time it takes to sew a Christmas bag will vary depending on your experience level, chosen design, and sewing method. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per bag.

However, the more you practice and perfect your technique, the faster you will become at sewing Christmas bags. So go ahead and grab your sewing supplies and get ready to spread some holiday cheer with your very own Christmas bags!


With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to get into the spirit of the season than by sewing cute and festive Christmas bags? Having this skill in your toolbelt is sure to bring you great joy as you see all your hard work come together. So take a few minutes out of your day to acquire this basic sewing technique and make something that will be treasured for years to come.

Not only will it make for a unique and personal gift for someone special, but you’ll feel a sense of pride when you show off your creation. So why not grab yourself some fabric, gather up the supplies, and get ready to create? After all, who doesn’t love a homemade holiday surprise? Thanks for reading this article on how to sew christmas bags.

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