How to Organize American Girl Doll Stuff

If you have little ones at home, there’s a good chance that American Girl dolls are occupying every square inch of your house. From clothes and accessories to furniture and even pets – the trove of necessities for each American Girl character can be challenging to keep up with!

The last thing anyone wants is an overwhelming mess of doll stuff cluttering up their living space, so today we’re sharing some tips on how to organize American girl doll stuff – ensuring that your doll world remains neat while giving your children easy access when they want to play. Keep reading for our helpful hints on organizing American Girl Doll items!

How to Organize American Girl Doll Stuff

10 Best Ways on How to Organize American Girl Doll Stuff

1. Make Use of Storage Containers:

Storage containers are a great way to organize American Girl Doll stuff, as you can easily label the boxes and stack them neatly in a closet or designated space. Use smaller boxes for accessories like shoes and jewelry, while larger containers are ideal for clothing and furniture pieces. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get your doll stuff in order!

2. Use an Organizer Shelf or Wall:

If you have more space, consider investing in a shelf or wall organizer specifically designed for American Girl dolls. This type of organization system includes dividable shelves that can be customized for each item – so you can keep track of all your doll’s belongings in one spot. Using an organizer shelf or wall is also great for creating a designated play area for your child!

3. Hang Clothing:

If you’re short on space and need a quick solution for organizing American Girl doll clothes, consider hanging them up! This is especially helpful if you have multiple dolls with different outfits – it’ll make it easy to identify which items belong to each character. Plus, you can free up more storage space in containers and boxes for furniture and accessories.

4. Hang an Accessory Organizer:

Another great way to maximize storage in tight spaces is to hang a wall-mounted organizer like a shoe bag, over-the-door pocket organizer, or jewelry holder. These are perfect for keeping small items like accessories and jewelry sorted and organized – so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the mix.

Way to Maximize Storage

5. Utilize Drawers and Shelves:

If you have extra shelving or furniture with drawers, use them to store American Girl Doll stuff! This is especially useful for larger items like furniture pieces – just make sure to label each drawer so that your little one knows where everything goes. This method is also an easy way to keep your child’s playroom tidy, as drawers and shelves can be used to store a variety of items.

6. Have a Designated Spot for Extras:

For pieces that are too big to store in containers or don’t fit on shelves, designate a specific area of the house as the “American Girl Doll Zone”. This could be a corner of your living room or bedroom – just make sure it’s large enough to accommodate furniture and other items! You can even designate a basket or bin for extra dolls and items that aren’t in use.

7. Create Separate Sections:

If you have multiple American Girl dolls, create a separate section for each one! This will help keep everything organized and make it easier to find specific pieces when your little one is playing with them. Try using different colored bins or boxes with labels for each character – that way, everything will be easy to identify and keep track of.

8. Use Clear Bins:

Clear storage bins are a great option for organizing American Girl Doll stuff, as you can easily see what’s inside without having to open the lids! This is especially useful if you store your dolls’ items in a closet or other area that isn’t visible – as you can quickly glance inside the bins and see which items are present.

9. Have a Play Space:

Designating a special play space for your child’s American Girl dolls will help keep the living room or bedroom tidy while providing hours of imaginative fun! Invest in some comfortable seating, a cozy rug, and a few storage containers and shelves for all of their items. This will be a great spot to keep your child’s dolls, and they’ll love having their own little “dollhouse”!

Storage Containers and Shelves

10. Donate and/or Sell Unused Items:

If you find that your child no longer needs some of the American Girl Doll stuff, consider donating or selling it instead of throwing it away. This is a great way to make some extra money while helping out another family in need – you can even list items on eBay or Craigslist for an easy and convenient way to sell!

Organizing American Girl doll stuff doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these ten tips, you’ll easily be able to whip your living space into shape – creating a designated play area for your little one that’s both neat and fun. Good luck, and happy organizing!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Organize American Girl Doll Stuff

1. If you’re short on space, consider hanging your doll’s clothing and accessories. You can create a custom closet by attaching simple wooden or plastic coat hangers to the wall with command hooks. Alternatively, hang a large curtain rod in an out-of-the-way spot and attach command hooks to it for hanging items like purses and jewelry.

2. Use small storage containers to keep your American Girl Doll’s accessories and clothing organized. Clear plastic bins are a great way to store items like hats, scarves, shoes, and purses. You can label the containers so you know what is stored inside of them at a glance.

3. Invest in a display case or rolling cart for your American Girl dolls. This could be a great way to organize and showcase your collection in one place.

Cart for Your American Girl Dolls

4. Use small drawers or file folders for storing paperwork, like receipts from clothing purchases. This is also an excellent way to keep track of accessories or items that may have been lost over time so they can eventually be replaced.

5. Don’t forget to use the space under your American Girl’s bed or couch. This is a great spot for packing away extra dolls, clothing, accessories, and memorabilia.

6. Take photos of your dolls with their collections so you can easily remember what items belong to each doll. Digital photos are especially helpful if you ever need to move your collection around or store it away.

7. Lastly, consider using a magnetic board to keep track of outfits and accessories. You can create a graphic representation of all the pieces that go with each doll’s wardrobe by attaching magnets to small photos or drawings of each item. This is especially useful if you have multiple dolls with lots of clothing items!

Organizing American Girl Doll stuff can be a lot of fun and with these tips and tricks, you’ll have your doll’s collection neat and orderly in no time! Happy organizing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Common Ways to Organize American Girl Doll Stuff?

The two most popular methods for organizing American Girl Doll stuff include using storage organizers such as bins and baskets or using boxes. It is important to make sure that whatever storage method you choose allows easy access to the items stored in it.

Organizing American Girl Doll

Another great way to keep things organized is by labeling the containers with the name of the items stored in them. This will help keep track of where everything belongs and make finding things easier.

What Are Some Tips for Keeping American Girl Doll Stuff Organized?

To ensure that your American Girl Doll stuff stays organized, it is important to have a designated storage area for all items. This can be any kind of storage unit that fits your needs, such as bins, baskets, or boxes. Once you have a designated area for all of the items, it is important to sort and categorize them so that everything has its own place.

Labeling containers with item names is also helpful in making sure everything stays organized. Additionally, regularly purging items that are no longer needed will help keep your storage area neat and tidy.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Store American Girl Doll Stuff?

When it comes to storing American Girl Doll stuff, there are plenty of creative ways to do so. You can use colorful bins or baskets and label them with the name of items stored inside for easy access. Wall organizers are great for keeping accessories such as jewelry organized and off the floor.

You can also use decorative boxes to store items such as clothing or shoes, which can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, the best way to store American Girl Doll stuff is whatever works for you and makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Are There Any Ways to Reuse Containers for American Girl Doll Stuff?

Yes! Reusing containers for American Girl Doll stuff is a great way to stay environmentally conscious while also saving money. For example, you can use food containers such as yogurt cups or old jars to store small items like jewelry or accessories.

Yogurt Cups or Old Jars to Store

You can also repurpose shoe boxes to store clothing and shoes, perfect for keeping everything organized without having to purchase more storage containers. Finally, you can use old cardboard boxes to store items such as books or small toys that don’t take up too much space. With a few creative ideas and some repurposing, you can easily organize all of your American Girl Doll stuff in no time!


As we have discussed throughout this blog post, organizing American Girl Doll stuff can seem daunting. But with a little bit of planning and creativity, it can be done! Remember to take each task one at a time and tackle the biggest clutter areas first.

If you feel overwhelmed and need some additional help along the way, enlist the help of family members or friends – if they say no, assign them tasks anyhow!

Once you’ve conquered your doll’s room, you’ll have plenty more fun organizing hours ahead – from jewelry boxes to trunks and closets. With a few simple strategies and some extra effort, you can turn your American Girl Doll’s room into a place that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Now all you need to do is go out there and get started on your journey in how to organize American Girl Doll stuff!

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