How to Make Softball Hair Ribbons

For many softball players, accessorizing their look with cute hair ribbons is just as much part of the game as catching a fly ball or stealing a base. Playing sports is not just about the physical side of things; it also incorporates a fashion statement, and Softball hair ribbons are the perfect way to show off your style on game day.

How to Make Softball Hair Ribbons

Not only do these ribbons make you look stylish, but they are also incredibly easy to make at home with minimal hassle and supplies. Hair ribbons can be an easy and fun way to show off your team spirit on-and-off the field by adding some flair to ponytails, braids, and top knots. Plus, making your own hair ribbons is easier than you think! In this blog post, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make softball hair ribbons for yourself and your teammates using materials found in any craft store. So let’s get started!

Is It Difficult to Make Softball Hair Ribbons?

Making hair ribbons at home is actually really simple. All you need are the right supplies and some creativity! You will need scissors, fabric glue, ribbon (in your team’s colors), and any embellishments of your choosing, such as buttons or gems. You can also personalize your hair ribbons by adding initials or a team logo.

Required Items

  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon (in your team colors)
  • Embellishments such as buttons, gems, or initials

10 Instructions on How to Make Softball Hair Ribbons

1. Measurement

Measure the length of ribbon needed to make a loop for your hair ribbon. Cut two pieces of ribbon that are at least 3 times longer than the circumference of your head. Measuring out the length of the ribbon will ensure that your hair ribbon is nice and snug when you’re finished.

Measure the Length of Ribbon

2. Joining the Ribbons

Lay out both pieces of ribbon side by side and use fabric glue to join them together at one end. Make sure that they are placed evenly against each other in order for the hair ribbon to look even all around.

3. Embellishments

Once the glue has dried, you can add any embellishments you would like to make your hair ribbon more unique. This could include buttons, gems, or initials. Make sure that the embellishments are placed on both ends of the ribbon so that they show up when wearing the hair ribbon in a ponytail or bun.

4. Forming the Loop

Now that your embellishments have been added, it’s time to form the loop of the hair ribbon. Take one end of the ribbon and fold it in half so that it meets up with the other end. Secure this by using fabric glue once again.

5. Making Sure It is Secure

Allow for the fabric glue to dry before you continue. Make sure that the ribbon loop is secure and will not come undone easily when worn in a ponytail or bun. It is important to ensure that the loop is sturdy so it does not become loose when worn.

6. Trimming the Ends

Use Scissors to Trim Off Any Excess Fabric

Once you have secured the ribbon loop, use scissors to trim off any excess fabric at both ends of the hair ribbon. This will make sure that your hair ribbon looks neat and tidy when finished. The end is in sight!

7. Creating the Design

Now that the hair ribbon is formed and trimmed, it’s time to create your design. Take a piece of ribbon in the same color or pattern as the loop and wrap it around both ends of the loop in a criss-cross design. Secure this with fabric glue at each end and allow for it to dry.

8. Adding the Final Touches

Once the glue has dried, add any extra embellishments you would like to make your hair ribbon even more unique. You can also use fabric paint or glitter in order to give your hair ribbon a little sparkle and shine.

9. Checking for Durability

Now that all decorations have been added, it’s time to check the durability of the hair ribbon. Make sure that all embellishments are firmly secured and won’t come off when worn in a ponytail or bun.

10. Enjoy!

You have now successfully created your very own softball hair ribbon! You can use these ribbons to show off your team spirit on-and-off the field. Enjoy wearing your hair ribbon with pride, and have fun accessorizing any hairstyle you choose!

It really is that easy to make softball hair ribbons at home! Using some simple supplies, creativity and imagination, you can make these cute accessories in no time. So next time you’re looking for a way to show off your team spirit, grab some ribbon and get crafting!

8 Tips to Make the Softball Hair Ribbons Gorgeous

Choose the Right Ribbon for Your Hair

1. Choose the right ribbon for your hair. Select a ribbon that suits the color of your hair and the softball theme you want to create. The right size and style will make all the difference in how your softball hair ribbons look!

2. Add Accessories. Softball accessories such as beads, charms, and clips will bring your softball hair ribbons to life. Make sure to select items that match the color of the ribbon you’ve chosen.

3. Consider a coordinating bow. A coordinating bow can be added to the softball hair ribbons for extra flair! Choose something that matches both the ribbon and the accessories you’ve chosen.

4. Take your time when tying knots. When creating your softball hair ribbons, take your time when making the knots that will hold everything together. The right knot will ensure that the ribbon stays securely in place and looks great!

5. Consider adding a ponytail holder or barrette. A ponytail holder or barrette can be used to secure the softball hair ribbons in place. This will help ensure that your style stays in place and looks great all day!

6. Use hairspray for extra staying power. When you’re finished creating your softball hair ribbons, don’t forget to add a spritz of hairspray. This will help keep the ribbons in place all day!

7. Have fun with colors and patterns. Don’t be afraid to get creative when making your softball hair ribbons. Mix and match different colors and patterns, or even add glitter for a special touch!

8. Show off your style! Once you’ve finished creating your softball hair ribbons, be sure to show them off. Post a picture on social media, or wear them to your next game!

Use Hairspray for Extra Staying Power

Creating softball hair ribbons is a great way to show off your team’s spirit and style. With these tips, you can make sure that your ribbon creation is both beautiful and long-lasting. So get creative and have fun!

Frequently Asked Question

How Long Will It Take to Finish the Project?

It will depend on the complexity of the project. A simple ribbon knot can be completed in a few minutes, while more intricate designs may take a little longer to complete. Usually, a softball hair ribbon project should take no more than an hour to finish.

What Special Supplies Do I Need?

You will need some ribbons, accessories such as beads or charms, a ponytail holder or barrette for securing the ribbon in place, and hairspray for extra staying power. You may also want some glitter or other items to add extra flair.

What is the Best Type of Ribbon to Choose?

The best type of ribbon to choose will depend on the look you are going for. Generally, a thicker ribbon is more durable and can hold up better over time. Ribbons with a soft sheen or metallic finish can add a touch of elegance to your project. If possible, select ribbons that match the colors in your team’s uniform for an added touch of team spirit.

Can I Make Softball Hair Ribbons for Other Events?

Yes! You can make softball hair ribbons for any special event or occasion. Choose colors and styles that match the theme of the event, and you’ll have a unique addition to your look. Whether it’s prom, a wedding, or a night out on the town, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your custom softball hair ribbons!

A Thicker Ribbon is More Durable


After all the preparation you have done, you should now have a unique and stylish softball hair ribbon. With these steps of how to make softball hair ribbons, you can easily show your team spirit and look your best. Don’t forget to take pictures with your new ribbons for social media to let everyone know how great your team looks! Try experimenting with different colors of fabrics and ribbons as well, so there are plenty of combinations to choose from that will give your team even more varying styling options.

You can have fun creating cool designs, or if you need even more inspiration, there are lots of tutorials available online that can help spark ideas for creative ways to make softball hair ribbons. So collect some supplies today and get crafting; it’s time to show off the dazzling style of your softball team!

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