How to Make Crochet Shoes With Soles

Are you tired of wearing the same boring, store-bought shoes? Are you looking for something that won’t break the bank and can easily be customized to your unique style? Then why not try making some crochet shoes with soles? You’ve come to the right place!

How to Make Crochet Shoes With Soles

With just a few supplies and basic crochet skills, you can make unique, comfortable shoes that will last for years. In this blog post, we’ll walk through all the steps on how to make crochet shoes with soles needed to create beautiful handmade crochet shoes with removable (and customizable!) soles. So grab your hook, pick out some yarn, and let’s learn how to make trendsetting footwear from scratch!

Can You Make Crochet Shoes With Soles?

Yes, you can make crochet shoes with soles! In fact, making your own crochet shoes with removable soles is a great way to get the exact look and fit that you’re after. You can even customize the colors and pattern of the yarn to create something totally unique.

Things to Remember While Crocheting Shoes With Soles

1. Right Size Sole

The most important thing to consider when making crochet shoes with soles is the size of the sole. This will determine how comfortable your finished shoe will be. If you make a sole that’s too small, it won’t fit properly and could cause blisters or irritation from rubbing against your foot.

On the other hand, if you make a sole that’s too big, it won’t be comfortable and could make your shoe look sloppy. So measure your foot and pick the right-sized sole for maximum coziness!

2. Choose Quality Yarn

When you make crochet shoes with soles, you want to use a high-quality yarn. A good quality yarn will be more durable and can withstand regular use. Look for yarn that is 100% acrylic, as this type of material can handle a lot of wear and tear. Also, remember to choose the right weight for your project – sport weight or medium-weight yarns work best for crochet shoes with soles.

Use a High-quality Yarn

3. Pick Outsole Material

The outsole material you choose will be the foundation of your shoes. Natural rubber is a great option, as it’s flexible and won’t leave marks on floor surfaces. Other materials, such as leather or cork, can add unique style to your footwear, so feel free to experiment!

What Supplies Do I Need?

To make crochet shoes with soles, you’ll need a few supplies. You’ll need:

  • Soles that fit your feet (the ones we used were from an old pair of shoes).
  • Yarn in the colors of your choice.
  • Crochet hook size H/8 or 5 mm.
  • Tapestry needles for weaving in ends and sewing on the soles.
  • Measuring tape and scissors.

How to Make Crochet Shoes With Soles in 10 Steps

Step 1: Measurement

Measure your feet and select the correct sole size. Also, measure the yarn needed for your project. Measuring twice will help ensure that you have the right size shoe.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Soles

Using a pair of scissors, cut out the soles according to your measurements. Once you’ve cut out the sole pieces, trace them onto some cardboard for stability. This will make it easier to crochet around the edges without stretching or warping the sole.

Step 3: Crochet The Edges

Once you’ve cut out and traced your soles onto cardboard, start crocheting around the edges. Using single crochet stitches (sc) work along the edge of each sole until you reach the other side. Make sure to keep a consistent tension throughout the project for a neat finish.

Step 4: Connect both Sides

Using a Pair of Scissors

Once you’ve finished crocheting around the edges, connect both sides of the sole by making a slip stitch across. This will make sure that your crochet shoe with soles is secure and won’t come apart.

Step 5: Crochet Toe Separator

Begin crocheting a toe separator in any pattern of your choice. We recommend using the half double crochet stitch (dc) for this part as it offers good coverage and will help to keep your toes comfortable when wearing the shoes. Work until you reach the desired length for your shoe.

Step 6: Crochet the Heel

Continue crocheting from the toe separator until you reach the heel of your shoe. From here, switch to working in rounds and make sure to decrease every few rounds for a neat finish.

Step 7: Crochet The Upper Sides Of Your Shoe

Once you’ve reached the desired length for the shoe, continue working in rounds until you’ve reached the desired width for your foot. This will make sure that the shoe fits snugly and won’t slip off.

Step 8: Add Decorative Elements

If you want to add some extra style to your shoes, now is the time! Crochet any decorative elements you’d like, such as flowers, bows, or stripes.

Step 9: Sew The Soles On

Once you’ve added your desired elements to the uppers of your shoes, it’s time to sew on the soles. Use a tapestry needle and yarn in a color that matches the uppers of your shoe to secure the sole in place.

Crochet Any Decorative Elements

Step 10: Weave In Ends

Once you’ve securely attached the soles, weave in any remaining ends that may be visible. This will give your shoes a neat and tidy finish.

And there you have it – you’ve just made yourself some unique crochet shoes with soles. All that’s left is to slip them on and show them off!

7 Styling Ideas to Make Your Crochet Shoes with Soles Unique

Are you ready to make a pair of crochet shoes with soles? Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been in the crafting game for a while, it’s always fun to add your own unique touch. Here are five styling ideas that can help bring your personalized touch to your crochet shoes with soles.

1. Color Play

Adding a pop of color to your crochet shoes with soles can be a great way to show off your own individual flair. Choose colors that you especially love, and go all out! Change up the yarns as you work through the pattern, or use multicolored thread for extra vibrancy.

2. Beading and Bling

Make your crochet shoes with soles even more special by adding a little bling. Try gluing on some sparkly beads or rhinestones, or sew in sequins for an extra special touch. All of these details will make your shoes stand out from the crowd.

3. Embroidery

Want to get creative? Embroidery is a great way to make your crochet shoes with soles truly unique. Whether you choose to embroider a motif or just use some fancy stitches for texture, the end result will be sure to turn heads.

4. Pom-Poms and Tassels

Adding pom-poms and tassels to your crochet shoes with soles is a great way to take them from basic craft to a fun fashion statement. You can either buy pre-made pom-poms and tassels or make your own. Experiment with different sizes and colors for an interesting effect.

Embroidery is a Great Way

5. Applique

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, applique is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your crochet shoes with soles. Find some fabric scraps or trims with interesting patterns, and use them as accents on your shoes. You can even get creative and make your own appliques from craft paper.

6. Statement Buttons

Statement buttons are just the thing to take your crochet shoes with soles to the next level. Look for buttons with unique designs that make a bold statement, or use some of your own artwork on fabric-covered buttons.

7. Add Laces

Adding laces to your crochet shoes with soles is not only practical, but it also adds an interesting design element. Choose a contrasting color or texture for the laces to really make your shoes stand out. You can even use thicker yarns or ribbons for a more ornate look.

That’s it! Now, you have some styling ideas to help you create a unique pair of crochet shoes with soles. Get creative and have fun crafting! Don’t forget to share your finished design on social media so we can all be inspired by your work.


Crocheting shoes with soles is a difficult but rewarding project. Put in the time and effort it takes to complete this advanced skill, and you are sure to be amazed at the result of your dedication. With patience, practice, and the right resources, you can create a unique pair of crochet shoes that will always remind you of your accomplishments.

So why not take the plunge into the wonderful world of crafting handmade shoes today? By doing so, not only will it provide you with an amazing sense of accomplishment, but you’ll have stylish and comfortable crochet slippers to enjoy for years to come.

Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary information on how to make crochet shoes with soles, don’t wait any longer—bring out your yarns and hooks and get crocheting!

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