How to Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

From homemade cake decorations to holiday-themed centerpieces for your party or event, candy decorations can really add a special touch. But when it comes to creating those impressive designs, it’s not always easy doing it all by hand and trying to get everything just right.

That’s why in this blog post we’re going to show you how to make candy decorations with styrofoam that will amaze your guests! From choosing the right color combination of candies, learning what supplies are necessary for each project, and even tips on preserving your creation once completed – with these simple steps, you can make brilliant looking eye-catching candy creations whenever you need them.

How to Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

Tools and Materials You Will Need to Make Candy Decorations

  1. Styrofoam blocks
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  3. A variety of candies (in various colors)
  4. String or ribbon (if desired)

Step-by-Step Guidelines on How to Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

Step 1: Selecting a Base

The first step when creating candy decorations with styrofoam is to select the right base for your project. Choose a styrofoam block that’s the right size and shape to fit your design. If you want to make intricate shapes, like a flower or heart, then you can use cookie cutters or other molds to help get the perfect shape.

Step 2: Glue it All Down

Once you have your base, it’s time to start gluing down the candies. You’ll want to use a hot glue gun for this part, as it will provide the best adhesion and make sure all of the pieces stay put. Start by making an outline of your design on the styrofoam with the glue, then fill in any spaces or details with candies.

Step 3: Add Some Color and Finishing Touches

Now, it’s time to customize your candy decorations with some color and finishing touches. Use a variety of colors to create vibrant patterns and add dimension. If you want to give your project an extra special touch, you can also add some embellishments such as ribbons or strings to create a unique look.

Customize Your Candy Decorations

Step 4: Preserving Your Creation

Once you’ve finished making your candy decorations with styrofoam, you can easily preserve them by coating them with a clear acrylic sealant spray. This will help to protect the candies and ensure that they retain their vibrant colors and designs for years to come.

With these easy steps, you’ll be able to make stunning candy decorations with styrofoam that will wow your guests and become the talk of the party! Just remember to take your time and have fun as you create – after all, it is a labor of love! Happy crafting!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

1. If you’re creating a complex design or pattern with your candy decorations, use a pencil to sketch out the design on the styrofoam before beginning. This will help keep your project organized as you glue different components in place.

2. To make sure that all of your candies are evenly spaced and adhered properly, try using a ruler or measuring tape to make sure everything is aligned.

3. To add even more texture and dimension to your design, use different sizes of candy pieces in your decorations. This will give it an extra special touch that will really impress your guests!

4. If you’re making multiple candy decorations with styrofoam, consider investing in a Styrofoam cutter. This will make cutting the styrofoam and other shapes much easier and more precise.

Make Cutting the Styrofoam

5. If you’d like to store your candy decorations, it’s best to keep them in an airtight container or bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help ensure that your creation is preserved and ready for your next event.

With a few simple tools and supplies, you can make brilliant candy decorations with styrofoam that are perfect for any occasion or celebration! So gather up your supplies, grab the hot glue gun, and start crafting – you’re sure to be amazed at the results! Happy creating!

Things You Should Consider to Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

1. Choose the right type of Styrofoam. Make sure it is light enough to hold the candy decorations but firm enough that it won’t break when being handled.

2. Consider how you want to attach the candy pieces to the Styrofoam. Glue guns are a popular option, as they create a strong and lasting bond between the foam and the candy.

3. Make sure you have enough space to work. The Styrofoam needs to be able to sit on a flat surface, and it is best to have an area that can easily be cleaned up afterward.

4. Have all the tools you will need nearby. This includes scissors, glue guns, skewers, toothpicks, and other materials that may be necessary to create the candy decorations.

Needed Scissors and Glue Guns

5. Have a plan before you start. Decide where you want to place each piece of candy on the Styrofoam so that it creates a cohesive, pleasing look when finished. Take your time and make sure the design is exactly what you had in mind.

6. Make sure the Styrofoam won’t move while you are working. Secure it to the work surface with tape, pins, or weights to ensure that it stays in place while you are creating the decorations.

7. After your design is complete, you can paint the Styrofoam if needed. This will help make the candy decorations stand out and give them a more polished look.

8. Finally, store any unused pieces of candy and Styrofoam in an airtight container to protect them from moisture and dust. This will ensure that the decorations remain in good condition until you are ready to use them. Happy decorating!

Following these considerations can help you have a successful experience when making candy decorations with Styrofoam. If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with different types of candy pieces to create unique designs and shapes. You can also add other materials such as ribbons or beads to make your creation extra special. Have fun!

Precautions Need to Follow for Making Candy Decorations With Styrofoam

  • Always wear protective safety gear such as gloves and safety glasses when cutting Styrofoam with sharp objects or tools.
  • Make sure your work surface is completely clean and free of any dust or debris before beginning.
  • Use only food-safe items to create candy decorations, like styrofoam shapes that are specifically designed for edible creations.
  • Always let the finished candy decorations dry completely before using them.
  • Store candy decorations in airtight containers or boxes at a cool temperature to prevent melting or discoloring.
  • Keep away from children so that they do not ingest any of the pieces, as it can be harmful.
  • Be sure to discard any excess Styrofoam pieces properly in order to reduce environmental waste.
Candy on the Styrofoam

Following these precautions will ensure you create safe and beautiful candy decorations with styrofoam! You can also experiment with other materials like paper or fabric to make interesting designs.

Whether you’re a beginner or have experience in crafting, making candy decorations with Styrofoam is sure to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. So get out there, gather your supplies, and let the creative juices flow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Styrofoam should I use?

It is best to use white, lightweight Styrofoam for candy decorations. You may find that it is easier to work with compared to the traditional blue material. Additionally, this type of foam won’t leave behind any residue when you remove your candy decorations.

How do I stick the candy to the Styrofoam?

You will need a hot glue gun and sticks to attach the candy to the foam. Make sure that you use a low-temperature glue, as this will help prevent damage to your sweet treats. After heating up your glue gun, apply a small amount of glue stick in several spots along the Styrofoam and then press the candy onto the glue.

How do I know if my candy decorations are secure?

You can test the security of your candy decorations by gently pressing them. If they stick firmly, then it is likely that they will stay in place. However, if any of them move or come off easily, then you may want to add a bit more glue to make sure that they stay put.

What other things can I do with Styrofoam?

Aside from making candy decorations, Styrofoam is also great for arts and crafts projects. You can cut it into different shapes and use it as a canvas for painting or drawing on. You can also use it to make more elaborate decorations like wreaths or centerpieces. With a bit of creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless!


All in all, knowing how to make candy decorations with styrofoam is a great skill to have. Not only is it fun and creative, but the decorations also look amazing when finished!

With proper preparation and care, you can make beautiful pieces that are sure to impress your friends and family. So why not give it a try today? You never know – this could be the start of something special!

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