How to Make a Sunflower Wreath

If you want to brighten up your home with a touch of summer sunshine, making a sunflower wreath is the perfect way to do it! This project is surprisingly easy to make and will add seasonal bliss to any room. Plus, all you need are some simple materials like burlap ribbon, foam floral rings, and a bundle of cheerful sunflowers.

How to Make a Sunflower Wreath

Whether you’re new to crafting or an experienced crafter who wants something fun and unique, follow our guide below for step-by-step instructions on how to make a sunflower wreath.

Tools and Materials You Will Need to Make a Sunflower Wreath

  1. Foam floral ring or wreath form
  2. Burlap ribbon
  3. Scissors
  4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  5. Sunflowers (artificial or real)
  6. Floral wire or fishing line (optional)
  7. Wire cutters (if using real sunflowers)

Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Make a Sunflower Wreath

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Before you start assembling your wreath, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand and ready to use. Gather your foam floral ring or wreath form, burlap ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks, and sunflowers. Make sure to also have some floral wire or fishing line and wire cutters if you are using real sunflowers.

Step 2: Cut and Attach the Burlap Ribbon

Measure and Cut Enough Burlap Ribbon

Measure and cut enough burlap ribbon to cover your entire wreath form. Use hot glue to secure one end of the ribbon to the back of the foam ring, then wrap it around tightly until the entire form is covered.

Use hot glue to secure the other end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath. While cutting the ribbon, you can leave some extra length at the end to create a bow or tails for a decorative touch.

Step 3: Add Sunflowers

Now it’s time to add sunflowers to your wreath. You can use artificial sunflowers for a long-lasting wreath or real ones for a more natural look and fragrance. If using real sunflowers, cut the stems to a length of about an inch and use floral wire or fishing line to attach them securely to the wreath. If using artificial sunflowers, simply hot glue them onto the wreath in your desired arrangement.

Step 4: Fill in Gaps (Optional)

If you notice any gaps between the sunflowers or want to add more greenery, you can use additional burlap ribbon or other foliage to fill in the spaces. You can wrap small pieces of ribbon around the wreath form or hot glue leaves and other decorations onto the wreath. Make sure to cover any visible foam or wreath form.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches (Optional)

To add a final touch to your sunflower wreath, you can add a bow or tails using the extra length of burlap ribbon from step 2. You can also add other decorative elements like ribbons, small flowers, or even miniature gardening tools for a unique touch. Get creative and personalize your wreath to suit your style.

Step 5: Hang and Enjoy Your Sunflower Wreath!

Finally, once you are happy with your sunflower wreath, it’s time to hang it up! You can use a wreath hanger or attach a ribbon to the back of the wreath and hang it on a hook. Place it on your front door, above your fireplace, or anywhere else in your home for a pop of summer color and cheer.

Now that you know how to make your own sunflower wreath, get creative with different colors and materials to make unique and personalized wreaths for any season or occasion. Happy crafting! Let your creativity flow and share your beautiful creations with us on social media using #SunflowerWreathDIY. Keep spreading the joy of crafting!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Make a Sunflower Wreath

  1. You can also use other varieties of flowers, like daisies or poppies, to create a mixed flower wreath.
  2. If you want a fuller wreath, consider using multiple layers of burlap ribbon.
  3. 3. Add some texture by incorporating different sizes and types of sunflowers into your wreath.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add other items like butterflies, bees, or ladybugs to your wreath for a whimsical touch.
  5. Make sure to use high-quality hot glue to ensure your wreath stays intact and lasts longer.
  6. If using real sunflowers, spritz them with water every few days to keep them fresh and vibrant. Alternatively, you can also mist them with essential oils for a lovely scent.
  7. Customize your wreath by painting the foam form or adding a monogram letter for a personal touch.
  8. Consider using different ribbons, such as twine or lace, to wrap around the wreath form for a unique look.
Use High-quality Hot Glue

Following these tips and tricks, your sunflower wreath will turn out beautifully! Get creative and have fun making a beautiful sunflower wreath that will bring joy to your home for months to come. Happy crafting!

Things You Should Consider to Make a Sunflower Wreath

  1. 1Consider the size and shape of your wreath base. The size and shape of your wreath base will determine how many sunflowers you can use and how they should be arranged.
  2. Think about the color scheme. Sunflower wreaths are often made using burlap or grapevine as a base, so it’s important to consider how the colors of these materials will complement the bright yellow of the sunflowers.
  3. Choose a variety of sizes for your sunflowers. Wreaths look best when there is a mix of large and small flowers, so consider using different-sized sunflowers in your wreath.
  4. Select complementary greenery. Adding some greenery such as eucalyptus or ferns can add depth and texture to your sunflower wreath. Just make sure the greenery doesn’t overpower the sunflowers.
  5. Plan out your arrangement before gluing. Arrange all of your materials on the wreath base and play around with different arrangements before committing to one. This will help ensure a balanced and visually appealing wreath.
  6. Use hot glue or wire to secure flowers and greenery. Hot glue works well for securing small objects, while wire is better for larger or heavier pieces. Make sure to apply the glue or wire to the back of the wreath so it doesn’t show from the front.
  7. Consider adding additional elements. Sunflower wreaths can be enhanced with other elements such as ribbons, bows, or even small faux birds or butterflies. Just make sure not to overcrowd the wreath.
  8. Hang your finished wreath in a cool, dry place. Sunflowers are sensitive to heat and sunlight, so it’s important to keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat such as fireplaces or heaters.
 Size and Shape of Your Wreath Base

Following these considerations will help you create a beautiful sunflower wreath that will add a cheerful touch to your home décor. Have fun and get creative with your design, and remember to have fun! Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness and positivity, so make sure to enjoy the process of making your wreath. Happy crafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Difficult to Make a Sunflower Wreath?

No, making a sunflower wreath is not difficult at all. It can be a fun and relaxing DIY project that anyone can do with just a few simple materials. Some basic crafting skills and a little bit of patience are all you need to create a beautiful sunflower wreath.

How Long Will It Take to Make?

The time it takes to make a sunflower wreath depends on your crafting skills and the size of the wreath. Generally, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. If you are using real sunflowers, it may also depend on how long they last before wilting.

Can I Use Artificial Sunflowers?

Absolutely! Using artificial sunflowers can make the wreath-making process even easier and faster. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your flowers wilting or needing to be replaced. You can find a variety of realistic-looking artificial sunflowers at craft stores or online.

Artificial Sunflowers at Craft Stores

Can I Customize My Wreath?

Yes, you can! You can add other types of flowers or greenery to make your wreath unique. You can also add a bow or ribbon for an extra decorative touch. Get creative and make it your own!

Can I Make This Wreath for Any Occasion?

Definitely! Sunflower wreaths are versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions. They are perfect for summer or fall decor but also work well for weddings, baby showers, or even as a gift for someone special. You can also change the colors of the flowers to match your desired theme.


Overall, you now have a better understanding of how to make a sunflower wreath. It’s such a creative and beautiful craft that you can practice with easy-to-find materials. Once confidence kicks in, don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of materials for the base of the wreath, ranging from jute or twine to straw or strips of cloth.

You can also paint the frame dark brown, use ribbon for extra decoration, or use the wire around the edges for extra pizzazz. There is so much potential for creativity with this project – it only takes imagination and effort!

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