How to Fold Ribbon for Wreath

As we enter the holiday season, wreaths have once again found their way onto front doors, mantles, and other decorative spaces. And, if you take pride in their home’s decor, you likely want to add a little pizzazz to your wreaths!

One easy way to give your wreath an extra pop of texture and style is by incorporating ribbon. But working with ribbon can sometimes seem difficult, especially if you’re unsure how to create those perfect, crisp folds. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some simple techniques on how to fold ribbon for wreath!

How to Fold Ribbon for Wreath

Can You Fold the Ribbon for The Wreath?

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the decorations and embrace some festive cheer! If you’re a fan of crafting and DIY, you might be considering making a wreath for your front door. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your home decor, and it allows you to get creative with materials like pinecones, ornaments, and, of course, ribbon.

But with all the twists and turns involved in the wreath-making process, you might wonder how to fold the ribbon properly. Not to worry – with some patience and a few simple steps, you can create gorgeous bows and streamers that add that perfect finishing touch to your wreath. So, let’s dive into the world of ribbon folding and create a beautiful wreath to make your home stand out this holiday season.

Why Should You Fold Ribbon for A Wreath?

Adding ribbon to a wreath can be a beautiful and eye-catching element. However, simply draping the ribbon and tying a knot can fall flat in visual interest. That’s where the folding ribbon comes in. By folding the ribbon and creating clean, crisp creases, you can add texture and dimension to your wreath.

Plus, the folded ribbon is less likely to become tangled or unraveled, ensuring your wreath stays beautiful for longer. So, don’t overlook the importance of properly folded ribbons when crafting a stunning wreath.

7 Techniques to Follow on How to Fold Ribbon for Wreath

1. Double-Loop Bow

One of the easiest techniques to master for ribbon folding is the double-loop bow. Cut your ribbon to your desired length, then create two mirror-image loops. Cross the loops over each other, and then pull the right loop over the left and down through the hole. Fluff up your loops, pinch the center, and add a wire tie to keep it secure. This type of bow is perfect for adding a pop of accent color to your wreath design.

Cut Your Ribbon to Your Desired Length

2. Tailored Bow

If you’re looking for something more complex, the tailored bow is a great place to start. Begin by creating your bow loops, and then pinch the center. Next, take two small pieces of ribbon, traditional or wired, and wrap them tightly around the center. Tie them in a knot to secure them.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the ends of the bow loops at an angle to create “tails.” Spread the loops out and arrange them until you’re happy with the look.

3. Layered Ribbon Effect

One of the most beautiful ways to incorporate ribbon onto your wreath is by layering it. Cut several pieces of ribbon to your desired length and arrange them in layers on top of one another. Then, simply fold them in half and pinch the centers, alternating the order to create dimension. Secure the centers with floral wire and adjust the layers until you’re happy with the look.

4. Looped Ribbon Garland

Try incorporating a looped ribbon garland onto your wreath for a minimalist, chic look. Cut your ribbon to a length that allows for even “looping.” Next, create a small loop at one end of your ribbon, and then hold it in place with your thumb.

Pull the ribbon’s long end, pull it up towards the looped end, then down and over the loop. Then, pull the tail through the “hole” you created and gently pull to tighten. Repeat this process until you’ve created a long, flowing garland of loops!

Create a Small Loop at One End of Your Ribbon

5. Wrapping Ribbon

Next, if you’d like a more understated look, you may want to consider simply wrapping ribbon around your wreath. Cut your ribbon to the length needed, and start at the back of your wreath.

Secure it with a knot or a glue dot, and then begin wrapping the ribbon around the front of the wreath until you reach your starting point again. Then, secure the ribbon to the back of the wreath again and cut off the excess. For a more decorative touch, try alternating ribbon colors or textures.

6. Braided Ribbon

For a unique and eye-catching bow, try braiding your ribbon. Cut three strips of ribbon to the desired length, and then tie them together at one end. Braid the strips until you reach the other end, and secure with another knot. You can then use this braided ribbon as a decorative accent on your wreath by simply tying it in a bow or arranging it in a looped pattern.

7. Flower-Shaped Bow

Lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to add a touch of whimsy to your wreath, try creating a flower-shaped bow! Begin by cutting several small pieces of ribbon in varying lengths. Fold each piece into loops and secure them with floral wire.

Then, layer the loops on top of one another in a circular pattern, adjusting as needed to create a flower shape. Secure all the layers together with wire, and then attach the bow to your wreath using floral wire or glue dots. This beautiful and unique technique is sure to make your wreath stand out.

Adjusting as Needed to Create a Flower Shape

Now that you have these techniques in your arsenal, you can confidently make beautiful bows and incorporate ribbons into your wreaths in various ways. Remember to play with different ribbon colors, textures, and patterns to create a unique and eye-catching design.

With practice, you’ll become a pro at folding wreath ribbons quickly! So, experiment with these techniques to add a touch of elegance and flair to your next wreath project.

5 Considerations Things When You Need to Fold Ribbon for a Wreath

1. Type of Ribbon

When folding ribbon for a wreath, it is important to consider the type of ribbon you are using. Different types of ribbons will have different folding properties and will require different techniques.

For example, the satin ribbon can be folded more easily than a burlap ribbon, so it may be best to use satin if you want a neat and tidy finish. It is also important to consider the thickness of the ribbon when selecting a type, as thicker ribbons may require more effort to fold properly.

2. Length of Ribbon

The length of the ribbon is also an important consideration when folding for a wreath. You want to ensure you have enough ribbon to go around the entire wreath without having too much excess at the end. If you don’t have enough ribbon, you won’t be able to secure it in place, and the wreath will look unfinished. If you have too much excess, it can create an uneven look or make your wreath appear bulky.

3. Color Scheme

When choosing which color ribbons to use for your wreath, it is important to consider what colors will work best with your overall design scheme. You may want to choose colors that complement each other or pick a single color that stands out against the background of your wreath’s foliage or decorations. Additionally, if you use multiple colors in your design, ensure they all coordinate so that your wreath looks cohesive and finished when complete.

Wreath's Foliage or Decorations

4. Folding Technique

The technique used for folding the ribbon can also affect the overall look of your wreath. If you want a neat finish, then it is best to use a technique known as “zigzag” folding, which involves folding one end over itself several times before securing it in place with floral wire or pins on either side of the fold line. This method creates crisp folds that won’t come undone easily once secured in place on the wreath form.

5. Securing Method

Once you have chosen the type and length of ribbon, folding technique, and color scheme, it is time to consider how to secure it in place on your wreath form or frame. Floral wire or pins are commonly used for this purpose.

Still, other options are available, such as glue guns or hot glue sticks if needed, depending on your working materials and how permanent you need them attached to the frame or form itself.


There you have it! These are just a few techniques to fold ribbons on your wreath. Experiment with different ribbon types, colors, and textures to create your unique look. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t look as polished as you’d like.

With a little patience and determination, you’ll be a ribbon-folding pro in no time! Thanks for reading our post about how to fold ribbon for wreath.

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