How to Fold a Napkin Into a Pumpkin

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fold a napkin into something special for the holiday season? Well, here’s your chance! With a few simple steps, you can make your own DIY napkin pumpkin. Not only is it festive and fun, but this craft project can add an extra touch of style and charm to any dinner table.

How to Fold a Napkin Into a Pumpkin

You don’t need much besides fabric napkins or serviettes and some origami skills to create these cute autumnal decorations – so read on below if you want to give it a try!

Folding a napkin into the shape of a pumpkin is an easy and creative way to do just that. With minimal effort and supplies, you can show off your artistry skills and add some festive flair this Thanksgiving season. In this blog post, we’ll take you step-by-step through all the basics of how to fold a napkin into a pumpkin!

Why May You Want to Fold a Napkin Into a Pumpkin?

1. To Look Fancy

One of the main reasons why you may want to fold a napkin into a pumpkin is because of the way it looks. It’s an elegant way to dress up your table and impress guests who are attending your dinner party or gathering.

2. To Show off Your Crafting Skills

Folding a napkin into a pumpkin also shows off your crafty skills. It’s a unique way to showcase your creative side and impress others with your talent in making something as simple as a napkin into something festive.

3. To Make Your Table More Festive

Table More Festive for the Holidays

Another reason why you may want to fold a napkin into a pumpkin is to make your table more festive for the holidays or special events. It’s an easy way to spruce up your table and make it look more inviting without having to buy anything extra.

How to Fold a Napkin Into a Pumpkin in 5 Easy Steps

Now that you know the reasons why you may want to fold a napkin into a pumpkin, let’s look at how to do it. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have the perfect pumpkin-shaped napkin in no time.

Step 1: Start by Laying the Flat Napkin on the Table

The very first step is to lay the flat napkin on a table. Make sure it is completely unfolded so that all four corners are exposed. It will help to keep the napkin taut and make it easier for you to fold. So make sure you are using the flat table.

Step 2: Start Folding at a Corner

Take one of the corners in your hand and start folding it inward, towards the center of the napkin. Keep folding until the corner is completely tucked in. Also, make sure to keep the napkin as taught and taut as possible.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 with Remaining Corners

Repeat step two with the other three corners of the napkin until all four sides are tucked inwards towards the center of the napkin. Now you should have an evenly folded square shape in front of you.

Step 4: Create a Neck for the Pumpkin

Once you have all four corners tucked in, start to shape the top part of the napkin into a neck. To do this, take one corner and tuck it up towards the center of the napkin until it is pointing upwards. Then repeat with the other three corners so that all four points are tucked inwards and pointing upwards.

Step 5: Create the Pumpkin Base at the Bottom

Now you have your neck; you can create the pumpkin base. Take two of the corners that were previously tucked inwards and bring them outwards to form a rounded shape at the bottom of the napkin. Keep tucking and folding until the bottom is completely rounded and you have a perfect pumpkin shape.

Add Some Festive Flair

And there you have it! You’ve successfully folded your napkin into a pumpkin in just five easy steps. You can now use this as part of your table decoration or to add some festive flair to any occasion. Enjoy!

Some Additional Tips to Fold a Napkin Into a Pumpkin

1. Do Not Overstuff

If you have too much filling inside the napkin, it can be difficult to get a tight and symmetrical pumpkin shape. Also, too much filling can cause the sides to burst. So make sure you don’t stuff too much.

2. Use the Right Napkins

Using a thin and pliable napkin is important if you want to have a good-looking pumpkin shape. Any napkin that can be folded easily should do the job. So make are you are using the right napkin.

3. Choose the Folding Technique That Works Best For You

There are several different techniques for folding a napkin into a pumpkin. Choose the one that works best for you and practice it until you get your desired result.

4. Be Patient

Making a pumpkin out of a napkin takes time and practice to perfect. So don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out right in the first few tries. Keep practicing and be patient. With some patience, you’ll get the perfect pumpkin-shaped napkin!

5. Avoid Unnecessary Creases

Make sure you are not making any unnecessary creases while folding the napkin. Doing so can make it difficult to get an even shape when you finish folding. So take your time and avoid making unnecessary creases.

These are some of the tips that can help you make a perfect pumpkin-shaped napkin with ease. So keep these tips in mind when you are folding the napkin, and you’ll be able to nail it like a pro! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Qquestions

What Precautions Should I Take When Folding a Napkin Into A Pumpkin?

Before you start, make sure that the napkin is freshly laundered and free of any wrinkles or creases. Also, check for any small objects such as pins or buttons that may get caught in the folds.

While folding the napkin, use gentle pressure to ensure each fold is neat and tidy. Lastly, be sure to use a stable, flat surface for folding the napkin so that it does not move out of place or get unevenly folded.

What Type of Napkins Should I Use?

Folding a napkin into a pumpkin works best with square cloth napkins. The size of the napkin should be appropriate for the desired size of your pumpkin.

For example, if you want a large pumpkin, use a larger napkin. If you want to make several small pumpkins, then use a smaller-sized napkin.

Are There Different Variations of This Craft?

Yes, there are a variety of variations you can use to create different styles and designs when folding a napkin into a pumpkin. For example, you can fold the napkin into an open-basket style or add decorative accents such as leaves or vines for extra detail.

Add Decorative Accents

You could even use different colored napkins and layer them to create a multi-colored pumpkin. With a bit of creativity, you can easily customize your pumpkin however you like!

What Other Uses Are There For Folding A Napkin Into A Pumpkin?

Aside from being a fun craft, folding a napkin into a pumpkin is also quite useful. These pumpkins can be used to decorate tables, as centerpiece decorations for parties or special occasions, or you could even give them away as gifts. The possibilities are practically endless!

Can I Use This Napkin Folding Technique For Other Objects?

Yes, this technique can also be used to fold napkins into other shapes and objects such as flowers, leaves, and animals. With a few simple adjustments, you can use this technique to create a variety of shapes and designs.

Also, if you’re feeling creative, why not try combining different folding techniques to create your own custom designs? By following these simple instructions and tips, folding a napkin into a pumpkin is an easy and enjoyable craft that can liven up any space!

Can I Do This Craft With Other Materials Besides Napkins?

Yes, you can use other materials such as fabric or paper to make these pumpkins. Just keep in mind that folding with heavier material may require more patience and precision.

Materials Such as Fabric

You may also need to adjust the instructions slightly depending on the type of material you’re using. However, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can use this technique to fold almost anything into a pumpkin.


Creating napkin pumpkins is a great way to bring some festive cheer into any home, office or gathering. This tutorial outlined step-by-step instructions that anyone could follow and the results are impressive!

Whether it’s for an informal brunch or a formal holiday celebration, the napkin pumpkin can help set the scene for the perfect occasion. 

Now you know how to fold a napkin into a pumpkin! With their bright orange hue, decorative leaves and unique shape, these colorful centerpieces are sure to make a statement!

Plus, these folded fabric sculptures don’t require very much material or time to make–no heavy lifting or marathon crafts sessions are necessary! So why not give yourself a break from more involved decorating tasks and try folding some napkin pumpkins next time you’re planning an event? You won’t regret it!

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