How to Decorate a Sliding Glass Door for Christmas

Are you looking for a unique way to bring festive cheer to your home this holiday season? Look no further than a sliding glass door! Decorating your sliding glass door is an easy and fun project that is sure to spread some Christmas spirit in any room.

How to Decorate a Sliding Glass Door for Christmas

Not only will it give off a cozy, warm feeling, but it’s also an opportunity for you to have creative control over the look of your decorations. With our simple guide on how to decorate a sliding glass door for Christmas, you can create something special that will draw attention and make the holiday season even brighter!

Needed Tools and Materials

Below is a list of all the materials you will need to create a beautiful and unique decoration for your sliding glass door:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Garland or Wreath
  • Decorative Items (E.g. Ornaments, Figurines, Bows)
  • Adhesive Hooks or Clips
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

10 Step-by-step Guidelines on How to Decorate a Sliding Glass Door for Christmas

Step 1: Measure the Width

Use a tape measure to measure the width of your sliding glass door. This will determine how much garland or lights you will need. It’s always better to have a little extra, so don’t be afraid to round up! But be careful not to overestimate, as you don’t want too much excess material. You can always trim it down later. But for now, just make sure you have enough to cover the width of your door and a little extra.

Step 2: Choose your Lights and Garland

There are so many options when it comes to choosing lights and garland for your sliding glass door. You can go with traditional white lights, colorful lights or even novelty options like snowflake or star-shaped lights. For garland, you can choose from classic evergreen to more modern styles like silver or gold beads.

Step 3: Position the Lights

 Sides of Your Sliding Glass Door

Start by positioning your lights on the top and sides of your sliding glass door. Use adhesive hooks or clips to hold them in place. Make sure the lights are evenly spaced and secure. It’s always a good idea to plug them in to check if they are working properly before moving on to the next step. But be sure to unplug them before continuing.

Step 4: Add the Garland

Next, add your garland to the top of the doorframe, draping it across the width of the door. Secure it with adhesive hooks or clips as well. For added dimension, you can also drape some garland down the sides of the door.

This will not only add more greenery but also help cover the hooks or clips used to hold up the lights. However, make sure to leave enough space on the sides of the door for your wreath or other decorations.

Step 5: Decorate with Ornaments or Figurines

Add some decorative items such as ornaments or figurines to your garland. This will not only add a personal touch but also tie in with other Christmas decorations in your home. You can also hang these from the sides of the door using adhesive hooks or clips. Get creative and mix in different sizes, shapes, and colors for a unique look.

Step 6: Incorporate a Wreath

A wreath is a classic Christmas decoration that can add even more charm to your sliding glass door. Hang it in the center of the door or on one side using an adhesive hook or ribbon. You can also add some lights or ornaments to the wreath for extra sparkle. But be sure not to overcrowd the door, as you still want it to function properly. It’s best to stick with one or two wreaths and keep them on the lighter side.

Step 7: Add a Bow

A simple, yet impactful addition to your sliding glass door decoration is a festive bow. You can add one at the top center of the door or on each corner. Use a coordinating ribbon or color to tie everything together. You can also add bows to other parts of your decoration, such as the wreath or garland.

Step 8: Include Personal Touches

Christmas Messages Written on Paper

Make your sliding glass door decoration truly special by including personal touches. This could be a handmade ornament, a family photo, or even some handwritten Christmas messages written on paper and hung from the garland. You can also incorporate your own holiday traditions and symbols into the decoration.

Step 9: Test the Lights

Before finalizing your decorations, make sure to test the lights and replace any burnt-out bulbs. You want everything to shine bright and look perfect for the holiday season. You can also dim the lights in the room to see how your decoration looks with different lighting. It’s all about creating the right ambiance.

Step 10: Step Back and Admire Your Creation

Once everything is in place, step back and admire your beautiful sliding glass door decoration. Not only will it bring festive cheer to your home, but it’s also a reflection of your creativity and personal style. Always remember to take a moment to enjoy the holiday season and appreciate your efforts in making your home feel warm and welcoming.

Following these simple steps on how to decorate a sliding glass door for christmas, you can easily transform your sliding glass door into a stunning Christmas display. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, this is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine and add a special touch to your home for the holiday season.

Have fun with it and make it your own! Happy decorating! Lastly, don’t forget to share your creation with friends and family, and spread the joy of Christmas! So don’t wait any longer, gather your materials and start decorating your sliding glass door today! Happy Holidays!

Additional Tips and Tricks

Consider Using 
Scented Candles
  • If You Have Pets, Be Sure to Use Pet-friendly Decorations and Secure Them Well to Avoid Any Accidents.
  • To Add Some Extra Sparkle, Consider Using Battery-operated Lights or Incorporating Fairy Lights Into Your Design.
  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Style or Theme – Mix and Match Different Elements for a Unique and Eye-catching Look.
  • Consider Using Scented Candles or Diffusers Near Your Sliding Glass Door to Add a Festive Scent to the Room.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment With Different Placement of Lights and Decorations Until You Find the Perfect Look for Your Sliding Glass Door. Remember, It’s All About Having Fun and Creating Something Special for the Holiday Season! So Let Your Imagination Run Wild and Enjoy the Process.
  • After the Holidays, Carefully Remove and Store Your Decorations for Next Year’s Festivities. Proper Storage Will Ensure They Remain in Good Condition and Save You Time and Money in the Long Run.
  • Have a Contest With Friends and Family for the Best-decorated Sliding Glass Door – It’ll Add Even More Excitement to the Holiday Season!
  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Just Christmas Decorations – Consider Adding Elements of Other Winter Holidays or Incorporating Your Own Cultural Traditions Into the Design.
  • Lastly, Remember That Decorating Your Sliding Glass Door for Christmas is Not Just About Making It Look Pretty, but Also About Spreading Joy and Creating a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere for All who enter your home. So have fun, be creative, and enjoy the holiday season! Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Use Real Evergreen Garland on My Sliding Glass Door?

A: Yes, you can use real evergreen garland, but it may be more difficult to secure and will also require more maintenance than artificial garland. It is recommended to use artificial garland for ease and durability.

Q2: How Many Lights Should I Use?

A: It depends on the size and length of your sliding glass door, as well as personal preference. As a general rule, 100 lights per foot of garland is a good estimate. It’s always better to have more than not enough, so feel free to add extra lights for a brighter look.

Q3: Can I Decorate the Outside of My Sliding Glass Door?

A: Yes, you can decorate the outside of your sliding glass door for Christmas. Just make sure to use weather-resistant materials and secure them properly to avoid any damage. You can also consider using window clings or decals for a quick and easy exterior decoration.

Q4: Can I Use Adhesive Hooks on My Sliding Glass Door?

Use Adhesive Hooks or Clips

A: Yes, you can use adhesive hooks or clips to hang decorations on your sliding glass door. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use appropriate weight limits for the hooks. It is also recommended to test out the adhesive on a small, inconspicuous area first. Happy decorating!


Well, there you have it; that concludes our step-by-step guide on how to deck those sliding glass doors of yours for the holiday season. Wasn’t that easy? Creating a festive entrance with ample natural light that heightens the joy of Christmas can be achieved with minimal effort and materials. So, this holiday season, why not bring in some seasonal cheer and decorate your sliding door – you won’t regret it!

And if you do, there’s no harm in taking it all down before Santa finds out. Remember the key here is to make your entrance more attractive so everyone visiting your home feels warmly welcomed during the holidays.

We hope our guide on how to decorate a sliding glass door for christmas was able to provide you with useful and informative advice on how to spruce up those glass doorways of yours with seasonal and decorative accents. Get together with family and friends, turn up some Christmas music and start decorating! Have fun and enjoy this special time of year.

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