How to Crochet a Ghost Plush

Are you searching for a creative way to embrace autumn and get to grips with your crochet hooks? Look no further! Here we’ll teach you how to bring the festive spirit of Halloween into your own home by making a long-lasting ghost plush.

How to Crochet a Ghost Plush

From amateurs to experts, this guide has something for every level as we walk through all the steps needed, from prepping and cutting fabric, stitching up their shape in yarn, and finally creating an adorably spooky face. So grab yourself some supplies, settle down in your favorite comfy chair or sofa, and get ready to start crafting! Let’s get started on mastering how to crochet a ghost plush like a pro!

What Do You Need to Crochet a Plushie?

To crochet a ghost plushie, you will need some basic supplies. You will need the following:

  • Yarn in white (or any color of your choice)
  • A 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Safety eyes (optional)
  • Stitch marker or paper clip to mark

Before you get started, it is important to note that when crocheting amigurumi (stuffed toy) patterns, each stitch should be kept tight. This will help ensure your ghost plushie doesn’t look lumpy when you are finished. Now, let’s move on to the steps for crocheting your ghost plushie!

10 Methods on How to Crochet a Ghost Plush

1. Gather the Materials –

To make a crocheted ghost, you will need some supplies such as worsted weight yarn, scissors, an H (5mm) crochet hook, and stuffing. Choose whatever colors of yarn you would like for your ghost; this is a great way to customize it! Be sure to also have a tapestry needle available.

If you want to make eyes for your ghost, you can use small amounts of black or white yarn or felt pieces. However, if you prefer, you can also leave the eyes off and add a face with markers afterward.

2. Start by Making the Head –

Ch 4 and form a loop with a slip stitch in the first chain stitch. For round one, make 12 single crochet stitches into the center of your loop. After that is finished, increase each round with two single crochets until there are 18 sts- and then begin to decrease in the same manner until there are just ten sts left. Finish off with another slip stitch and cut off any excess yarn from your work. However, be sure to save it for later. Though the head is finished, you are not done yet.

3. Create Body Parts –

To create arms, legs, and tail for your ghost plushie, start by making two small rectangles that measure about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide by chaining six stitches and working single crochets in each one across for about eight total rows. To give the body parts some definition, pull on the end strings to make them curved or straight, depending on how you want them to look when attached to the ghost’s body later on.

For the head, create a small circle by making six single crochets in one Magic Circle. Work two rows of single crochets all around, then decrease each row by one stitch until you’re left with four single crochets in the last row. Pull on the end strings to make the head look plumper.

4. Attach Body Parts –

After your pieces are all made, use your tapestry needle to sew them onto either side of the head part of your ghost plushie- pushing one side through each side of it so they can be seen clearly when looking at it from the front view. You may also want to add a thread around these body parts, if desired, before sewing them onto the headpiece so they will be extra secure once attached properly.

This is especially important if you plan on using your ghost plushie as a decoration or toy. Then, once it’s all sewn together, use your needle to stitch the edges of each part together, and then you’ve created your very own spooky ghost plushie!

Use Your Needle to Stitch

5. Add Stuffing –

Now use your tapestry needle again to stuff each of these body parts with fiberfill or other material that can be used for stuffing plushies so that they take shape when being held or played with later on by children or adults alike! 

Make sure not to overstuff since this could lead to tearing in the fabric due to uneven pressure applied during handling/playtime sessions afterward. If the pieces seem a bit floppy when all of them are stuffed, you can use your crochet hook to pull some yarn through the body and tighten up the stitches to make it look more solid instead.

6. Embellishments –

Before attaching everything together, go ahead and add eyes or any other embellishments as desired using either felt pieces or yarn scraps if applicable- just be sure not to place something too large onto either side of the head because it may cause tearing down the road due improper stitching methods while securing those items tightly enough against fabric itself instead!

This can also be an important time to decide whether or not to give your ghost buddy some extra accessories. Attach pieces using yarn scraps, buttons, and other adornments to personalize and make them unique. You can also hand-stitch eyes, mouths, or whatever else you might like to add before stuffing your plush. Have fun and make your ghostly friend as spooky or cheerful as you’d like!

Using Yarn Scraps

7. Stitching Together –

Once all stuffed parts have been added onto the headpiece, begin stitching everything together using the same method previously used earlier when attaching those individual pieces earlier- but this time, make sure stitches are even tighter than before, so nothing comes apart while handling later on down the line!

Additionally, go ahead & also tie knots at endpoints every now & then, too, just so extra security measures can be put in place beforehand accordingly as well. Once everything is all secured together, the ghost plush should be ready for painting & other decorative embellishments as desired!

8. Finishing Touches –

The last step is finishing touches, such as adding extra details like arms & legs made out of more yarn scraps if desired before finally tying off ends securely with yet another knot once everything has been sewn together perfectly without any loose threads left behind after the completion stage itself too! This will help ensure longevity when using the new toy afterward without fear it might come apart easily during playtime sessions instead.

Finally, cutting out two eyes from felt or another fabric material and stitching them onto the head section will give your ghost plush its own unique personality! Additionally, adding a smile and an embroidered nose can be a simple yet effective way to make your ghost plush come alive and give it that extra touch of character. With a few finishing touches, your ghost plush is now complete and ready to be enjoyed!

Fabric Material and Stitching

9. Testing Out New Toy –

Now test out the new toy by moving limbs/body around gently & check that stuffing isn’t coming out from any holes/seams hidden underneath fabric layers itself as well during these tests too! If anything does come apart- go back & fix those areas quickly, so no further issues arise during future playtime sessions afterward, too.

10. Enjoying Your New Toy –

Last but not least, get ready now and enjoy a new toy made entirely by yourself after completing all the previous steps listed above accordingly! Be sure to show off your handiwork proudly to friends/family members nearby & thank them for the appreciation received throughout the entire process beforehand, so that way everyone knows how much effort was put into creating this masterpiece, along with time spent analyzing instructions provided prior to starting the project itself too!!

How Long Does It Take to Crochet a Plushie?

The amount of time it takes to crochet a plushie will vary depending on the complexity and size of the toy. Generally speaking, crocheting a plushie can take anywhere from several hours for a smaller, simpler project to multiple days for larger projects or ones that require intricate details. If you are relatively new to crocheting or this type of craft, it may take you longer to finish your project than someone who has more experience.

Crocheting a Plushie

Additionally, keep in mind that crocheting can be time-consuming and tedious work, depending on the level of complexity. Therefore, have patience with yourself as you crochet your new ghost plush! With enough practice, you can become an expert at this craft. Just always remember to have fun and make sure you enjoy the process.


So there you have it, a simple tutorial on how to crochet a ghost plush. This project is perfect for beginners and can be completed in just a few hours. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll give crocheting a try. If you do make your own ghost plush, feel free to share a photo with on social media – I’d love to see it!

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