How to Make Keychains With Ribbon

Are you looking for a unique and fun craft project to do? If so, look no further than ribbon! Making keychains with ribbon is an easy and creative way to put your own spin on the classic item that everyone carries. Whether you want them as a gift or just something fun to make, crafting your own personalized keychain can be an enjoyable experience.

How to Make Keychains With Ribbon

Here we will go through all of the steps needed in order to create your very own stylish accessory! With just a few basic tools and some colorful ribbons, you can create unique, eye-catching keychains that will liven up your keys or serve as thoughtful gifts. All it takes is a bit of patience and an artistic touch – read on to learn how to make keychains with ribbon to see how easy it can be to craft your own one-of-a-kind keychains with ribbon!

Is Making Keychains With Ribbon a Good Idea?

Creating keychains with ribbon is a popular and fun activity for all levels of crafters. It’s a great way to customize something small but meaningful while also getting creative and exploring your own personal style. Whether you are looking to make these as gifts or just something for yourself, making custom keychains out of ribbon can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Plus, it’s simple enough for just about anyone to do!

Benefits of Making Keychains With Ribbon

1. Add Style

Creating your own keychains with ribbon provides many benefits. First of all, it gives you an opportunity to add a unique touch to the commonly seen item, which is a keychain. You can choose different colors and patterns of ribbons to make something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It’s also a great way to show off your own style and creativity.

2. Low Cost

Second, making keychains with ribbon is an inexpensive craft that requires minimal supplies. You can find ribbons in almost any store for reasonable prices or even online at a discount. This makes the activity accessible for anyone looking to try it out!

Making Keychains With Ribbon is an Inexpensive Craft

3. Easy to Make

Finally, making keychains with ribbon is also easy and fun to do. It doesn’t require any special skills or tools, just some patience and creativity! This makes it perfect for a beginner who wants to get started crafting but may not have the necessary skills yet.

Now that you know why making your own keychains with ribbon is a great idea, let’s jump right in and see how to make them!

Materials Needed To Make Keychains With Ribbon

Before you get started on making your ribbon keychain, you will need the following materials:

  • Ribbons of all sorts (try to pick colors that match or complement each other)
  • Fabric scissors
  • A keyring
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (or an adhesive of your choice)
  • A needle and thread

10 Steps on How to Make Keychains With Ribbon

Step 1: Cut the Ribbon

Cut the ribbons into the desired length. You can make your ribbon keychain as long or short as you’d like, but try to pick lengths that will fit comfortably on a keyring. While cutting, try to keep the ribbon edges as even and straight as possible.

Cut the Ribbons Into the Desired Length

Step 2: Tie the Ribbon

Tie a knot at one end of each ribbon with a double or triple knot to ensure that it holds. This is especially important if you are using thinner ribbons since they may fray easily. The ribbon should be secure but not too tight.

Step 3: Make the Keyring Loop

Cut a length of thread that is long enough to go around the keyring twice. Thread it through your needle and tie a knot at one end, then loop it around the keyring and tie a knot at the other end. Pull tight until you create a small loop for the ribbon to go through.

Step 4: Attach the Ribbon

Start by threading one end of each ribbon through the loop you created in Step 3. Then, tie a knot at the end of each ribbon and make sure that it is secure. You can also use a glue gun to ensure that your ribbons stay put.

Step 5: Add the Second Ribbon

Thread a second ribbon through your loop in the same way as the first one. This will add more color and texture to your keychain. Make sure that the ribbons are symmetrical and even with each other before you tie off the knot at the end.

Step 6: Decorate Your Keychain

Now it’s time to get creative! You can add beads, charms, or other decorations to your keychain to give it a unique look. Get creative and make something that reflects your own style and personality.

Step 7: Secure the Decorations

Once you’ve added all of the decorations, use thread or glue to secure them onto the ribbon. This will help keep them from falling off when you attach the keyring. If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also use fabric glue or hot glue to ensure that your decorations stay in place.

Use Thread or Glue to Secure Them Onto the Ribbon

Step 8: Attach the Keyring

Thread the keyring through the loop at the end of your ribbon and make sure that it is secure. You may need to adjust the knot at the end of each ribbon if needed. Attaching the keyring will also help keep your decorations in place.

Step 9: Trim the Ends

Trim any excess ribbon or thread from the ends of your keychain. This will make it look neat and tidy, as well as help prevent any snags or tangles. Otherwise, you can also leave the ends frayed if that’s the look you are going for.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Keychain!

You’re all done – congrats on making your very own keychain with ribbon! Now all that’s left to do is show it off and enjoy your unique accessory. You did a great job!

Making keychains with ribbon is a fun and easy way to show off your creativity. With just a few basic supplies, you can make your very own stylish accessory that is sure to turn heads. Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else, making keychains with ribbon will give you an opportunity to get creative while also showing off your personal style. So get crafting and have fun!

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to creating keychains with ribbons, there are some common mistakes that can be avoided. Here are 8 mistakes to keep in mind when making your own:

1. Not using strong enough ribbon or string is a common mistake. This is important for durability and ensuring the keychain does not break easily. Make sure you use a sturdy material like nylon or cotton cord for its strength and durability.

2. Using the wrong type of clasp is another mistake to avoid. Lobster claw clasps are ideal for keychains, as they provide a secure closure and easy access.

3. Another common issue is forgetting to seal the ends of the ribbon before attaching it to the clasp. This can be done with a lighter or by using fabric glue to keep the ribbon from fraying.

4. Using inferior materials such as plastic beads, which can easily break or become scratched over time, is another thing to watch out for when making your own keychains. Metal beads are highly recommended due to their durability and strength.

5. Make sure you measure correctly when creating keychains with ribbon, so they come out looking even and symmetrical. Improper measurement can make the keychain look lopsided and unprofessional.

6. Poor knotting or tying technique can also be problematic, resulting in a weak or flimsy keychain that is not able to withstand wear and tear. Make sure you learn proper knotting techniques for the best results.

7. Not adding a charm or finding to your keychain is another mistake to avoid. This adds a unique and personal touch to the keychain and can make it more memorable.

8. Lastly, using a cheap ribbon that is not colorfast or fray-resistant can be an issue when making your own keychains with ribbon. Make sure you use high-quality materials for the best results. It will ensure your keychain lasts longer and looks better for years to come.

Using Strong Enough Ribbon

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make beautiful and durable keychains with ribbon in no time! With the right materials and techniques, your homemade keychains will be an expression of your style that you can enjoy for years to come.


To sum up, making keychains with ribbon is a fun, creative project that can be done with minimal supplies. You now have the basic instructions needed to craft your own beautiful handmade keychain that will be uniquely tailored to your own personal tastes. It’s also an inexpensive way to add some personality and color to your everyday routine.

If you get stuck at any point in the process, don’t forget to refer back to our guide here for helpful hints and advice on how to make the perfect personalized keychain! Additionally, if you’re looking for more inspiration, take browse around online or visit your local craft store for even more options. With just a few simple steps on how to make keychains with ribbon you’ll soon own your very own custom ribboned keychain – so get started!

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