How to Decorate Ceramic Ornaments

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of setting out to create beautiful, homemade ceramic ornaments? Don’t let it intimidate you – decorating ceramic ornaments is easier than you think and can be a fun way to add personalized touches to any home this holiday season.

How to Decorate Ceramic Ornaments

From utilizing simple techniques like stenciling and stamping to more elaborate methods such as painting detailed patterns freehand, there are plenty of ways to customize these charming decorations and give them your unique touch. Ceramic ornaments are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to express their unique style during the holiday season.

Not only can you paint the surface with any design imaginable, but they can also be personalized with family photos, thoughtful mementos, or heartfelt messages – and at an affordable price! If you’ve never decorated ceramics before, don’t worry; in this post, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to decorate ceramic ornaments!

Why May You Want to Decorate Ceramic Ornaments?

1 . To Personalize Your Ornaments

Decorating ceramic ornaments is a great way to add your personal touch to them. Whether you use paint, markers, or glitter, you can easily customize your ornament to suit your style and preferences. These personalized ornaments make for meaningful gifts that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

 Add Your Personal Touch to Them

2 . As a Fun Activity With Friends and Family

Decorating ceramic ornaments can also be a fun and creative activity to do with your friends and family. You can gather together and spend quality time while unleashing your creativity. It’s a great way to bond and create lasting memories.

3 . To Add a Festive Touch to Your Home Decor

Ceramic ornaments are popular decorations during holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. By decorating your own ceramic ornaments, you can add a unique and festive touch to your home decor. You can even match them with your existing decorations or create a whole new theme for your holiday decor.

4 . To Use as Party Favors or Place Settings

If you are hosting a party or event, custom-decorated ceramic ornaments make for great party favors or place settings. You can personalize them according to the theme of your party and give them as gifts for your guests to take home. They also make for beautiful and unique place settings that will impress your guests.

5 . To Express Your Creativity

Decorating ceramic ornaments is a great way to express your creativity. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating techniques and designs, allowing you to let your imagination run wild. You can experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures to create something truly unique and special.

How to Decorate Ceramic Ornaments in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prep Your Workspace

Before starting to decorate your ceramic ornaments, make sure to prepare your workspace. Lay out some old newspapers or a drop cloth on the surface you’ll be working on. This will protect your workspace from any spills or stains, and can easily be thrown away when you’re finished.

Step 2: Choose Your Paint

There are various types of paints available for decorating ceramic ornaments, such as acrylic, enamel, or ceramic paints. Choose the type of paint that best suits your project and make sure it is suitable for use on ceramics.

Various Types of Paints Available

Step 3: Clean Your Ornaments

Before painting, make sure to clean your ornaments with a gentle soap and warm water. This will remove any dirt or residue that may affect the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface.

Step 4: Plan Your Design

Decide on a design for your ornaments before you start painting. You can use stencils, free-hand drawings, or even stickers to create your desired design. Also, consider using multiple colors and textures to add dimension to your ornaments.

Step 5: Paint Your Ornaments

Using a small brush or foam applicator, carefully paint your design onto the ceramic ornaments. Start with lighter colors first and allow each layer of paint to dry before adding more details. This will prevent smudging and ensure clean lines.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Once your ornaments are fully painted and dry, you can add some finishing touches. This could include adding glitter or using a sealant to protect the paint from chipping or fading over time.

Additional Tips to Decorate Ceramic Ornaments

1 . Do Not Overdo It

When it comes to decorating ceramic ornaments, sometimes less is more. Avoid overcrowding your ornament with too many designs or colors. This will make the ornament look cluttered and take away from its beauty. Instead, choose one main design or color scheme and stick with it.

2 . Use Stencils or Templates

If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, don’t worry! You can still create beautiful designs on your ceramic ornaments by using stencils or templates. These are easily available at craft stores and online. Simply place the stencil or template on your ornament and use a brush or sponge to fill in the design.

3 . Experiment with Different Techniques

Using Markers or Sharpies

There are many ways to decorate ceramic ornaments besides painting. Consider trying out techniques such as decoupage, glitter, or even using markers or Sharpies for a more unique look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.

4 . Add Personalization

Make your ceramic ornaments truly special by adding personalization. This could be in the form of names, dates, or special messages. You can use ceramic paint, stickers, or even a small engraved plate to add this personal touch.

5 . Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Once your ornament is decorated, don’t forget to add some finishing touches. This could be in the form of ribbons, bows, or other embellishments. These little details can really make a difference and add an extra touch of charm to your ceramic ornaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Decorating Ceramic Ornaments?

When decorating ceramic ornaments, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure a successful and safe project. Some tips to keep in mind include: Wear protective gear: This includes gloves, goggles, and a mask when working with chemicals or sharp tools.

Wear Protective Gear

These can help protect your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Work in a well-ventilated area: Make sure you are working in a space with good air circulation to avoid inhaling any fumes or chemicals. Use non-toxic materials: If children will be involved in the decorating process, make sure to use non-toxic paints and glues to avoid any potential health hazards.

Follow instructions carefully: Whether you are using a specific technique or following a tutorial, be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully to achieve the desired results.

How Do I Prepare My Ceramic Ornaments for Decorating?

Before beginning the decorating process, it is important to properly prepare your ceramic ornaments. This may include cleaning them with warm soapy water and allowing them to dry completely.

If the ornaments have any rough edges, you can sand them down with fine grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface for decorating. You may also want to prime your ornaments with a base coat of white paint before adding any designs or colors. This will help the decorations adhere better and give a more vibrant finish.

What Are Some Ideas for Decorating Ceramic Ornaments?

The possibilities for decorating ceramic ornaments are endless! You can use acrylic paints, markers, glitter, and other crafting materials to create unique designs. Some popular techniques include:

  • Painting intricate designs by hand using fine-tipped brushes
  • Applying stencils or stickers for clean and crisp designs
  • Creating a marbled effect with swirling colors of paint
  • Adding texture with puffy paint or dimensional fabric paint

You can also personalize your ornaments by using photos, stickers, or other decorative elements that hold special meaning to you or the recipient of the ornament.

How Do I Seal and Preserve My Decorated Ceramic Ornaments?

Once your ceramic ornaments are decorated to perfection, it is important to seal and preserve them so they can be enjoyed for years to come. You can use a clear acrylic sealer spray or brush-on sealant to protect the decorations and add a glossy finish.

This will also help prevent any fading or chipping over time. It is best to apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat to ensure an even and long-lasting finish.


To conclude, decorating ceramic ornaments is a great way for creative individuals to express their ideas and make something memorable that can be shared with family and friends. It’s simple to use paint, glitter, jewels, tape and other adornments to create beautiful pieces of art.

Now you know how to decorate ceramic ornaments! Whether you’re looking for something fun to do during the holidays or simply want to add some special touches to your home décor, creating custom ceramic ornaments is sure to bring joy in abundance. Don’t forget that these pieces can also act as unique gifts too!

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