How to Decorate a Two Tier Tray

Are you looking to spruce up your home decor? Decorating a two-tier tray is a great way to add some extra charm and dimension to any space. Not only is it surprisingly simple, but also highly versatile; you can create various designs that suit the vibe of your interior design. Whether it’s for around the house, or repurposing an old brunch holder for parties, this guide will show you how to decorate a two tier tray with just a few creative ideas!

How to Decorate a Two Tier Tray

With the right tips and techniques, adding your own flair to this versatile piece of furniture is easier than you think. From knowing which elements work best on a two-tier tray to creative ideas for decorations, here we will walk you through the process of making a beautiful and unique design that reflects your personal style. So if you’re ready to turn your vision into reality, keep reading!

Why May You Want to Decorate a Two Tier Tray?

1. To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

One of the most common reasons for decorating a two tier tray is to simply enhance your home decor. Whether you are looking to make a statement piece in the room or just add some extra flair, there are so many possibilities when it comes to styling and accessorizing these trays!

2. To Create Unique Centerpieces

If you’re hosting an event or gathering, decorating a two tier tray can be a great way to create eye-catching centerpieces. Whether you opt for a rustic, modern or natural look, the design possibilities are endless.

3. To Give as a Gift

Another great use for two tier trays is to give them as gifts. They make wonderful gift baskets when filled with snacks and goodies. Or they can be simply decorated with a monogram or decorative items to make it more personalized and thoughtful for the recipient.

10 Ideas on How to Decorate a Two Tier Tray

Now that you know why you may want to decorate a two tier tray, let’s look at some of the best ways to do so!

Place Your Favorite Flowers in the Bottom Tier

1. Floral Arrangements

The first way to decorate a two tier tray is with floral arrangements. Place your favorite flowers in the bottom tier and fill the top tier with succulents, like tiny cacti or ivy. This will give the tray an aesthetically pleasing and natural look.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Another way to decorate a two tier tray is by arranging delicious fruits and vegetables. Freshly picked produce is perfect for this look and can be eaten later. Place some oranges or apples in the bottom tier and add an assortment of peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers in the top tier!

3. Candles

Candles are a great way to spruce up a two tier tray. Place small tealight candles around the perimeter of each tier and add some decorative holders to hold the candles. This will create a beautiful, relaxing ambiance for your home.

4. Books

Books are also great for decorating two-tier trays. Place larger books in the bottom tier and stack smaller ones on top. Or you can mix it up, with novels or nonfiction books of different sizes! Also make sure to arrange the books in an appealing manner, such as a stack of three or four on each tier.

5. Collectibles

Collectibles can also be used to decorate your two-tier tray! Place different kinds of collectibles such as coins, dolls, figurines, or rocks in both tiers and then arrange them in any way you want. This will give the tray a unique and fun look.

6. Picture Frames

Another great option is to decorate your two-tier tray with picture frames. Place different types of frames in each tier, from square to rectangle or round ones, and then fill them with photos of your favorite memories. This will be sure to bring a smile to whoever sees it!

7. Plants

Plants are a great way to add life and color to your two-tier tray. Place some small succulents or herbs in the bottom tier and then cluster potted plants with various shapes and sizes in the top tier for a beautiful display.

Jars Can Be Used to Create a Modern Look

8. Jars

Jars can be used to create a modern look on a two-tier tray! Place glass jars in the bottom tier filled with colorful stones, shells, and other interesting items. Then place small vases or mason jars filled with flowers on the top tier for a beautiful touch of spring.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors are perfect for adding some sparkle to your two-tier tray! Place smaller mirrors in the bottom tier and larger ones in the top for a dramatic effect. Then add some candles or flowers around them for an extra touch of elegance.

10. Mason Jars

Mason jars are becoming more popular in home décor and they’re perfect for decorating a two-tier tray! Place small mason jars filled with buttons, glitter, beads, or other colorful items in each tier and arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This will give your tray a touch of creative flair!

Decorating a two-tier tray is easy and can be done with items you have lying around the house. With just a little bit of imagination, you can create something unique and beautiful to add to your home décor! So don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it! Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Question

What Precautions Should I Take When Decorating a Two Tier Tray?

When decorating a two tier tray, it is important to take certain precautions for safety purposes. Ensure that all the items you use are food safe and that they do not contain any hazardous chemicals or compounds. Additionally, be mindful of the weight of the objects being placed on the tray in order to avoid ruining the surface or causing the tray to tip over. Finally, make sure that any decorations you use are firmly secured and not prone to falling off.

What Types of Items Can I Put on a Two Tier Tray?

A two tier tray can be used for both decorative and functional purposes. For decoration, you can fill it with objects such as flowers, candles, figurines, sculptures, and other trinkets. You can also use the tray to hold food items such as snacks, fruits, or appetizers. Additionally, it can be used for organization purposes by placing small items such as keys or mail on the tray.

What Materials Are Best Suited For Decorating a Two Tier Tray?

The best materials for decorating a two tier tray are those that are non-toxic and food safe. Consider using items made from ceramics, glass, or metal as these materials can withstand heat and humidity and will not harbor bacteria. Avoid using fabric decorations on the tray as they may absorb moisture and become stained. Additionally, avoid using sharp objects such as nails or screws to fix any decorations on the tray.

Are There Any Ideas For Creative Decorations on a Two Tier Tray?

Tray Can Be Used to Show Off Your Creative Side

Yes! A two tier tray can be used to show off your creative side. Consider filling it with items that match a theme, such as seashells and sand for a beachy vibe or dried flowers for a rustic feel. You can also add some sparkle to the tray by arranging faux diamonds or glittery trinkets. Alternatively, you can use the tray to display a collection of items such as picture frames or small figures. Have fun and be creative when decorating your two tier tray!

Is It Possible To Personalize a Two Tier Tray?

Yes! A two tier tray can be personalized in various ways. Consider painting the tray with a monogram or initials to make it unique and personal. You can also use paint pens or stickers to decorate the tray with inspirational sayings or words of encouragement. Another way to personalize a two tier tray is by adding photos, drawings, or other artwork that reflects the personality of the user.

Are There Any Benefits To Decorating a Two Tier Tray?

Yes! Decorating a two tier tray can make any space look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. It is also an excellent way to showcase your creativity and express yourself through art. Additionally, it can be used to organize items such as keys or mail, making them easier to find.

Two Tier Tray Can Be Personalized in Various Ways


Now you know how to decorate a two tier tray! Decorating a two tier tray is both a simple and rewarding task. With the right techniques and supplies, you can create something beautiful for your home. Whether that’s with flowers, candles, fruit or something else – it’s entirely up to you! 

Keep in mind where it will be placed and take necessary safety precautions; make sure all items are secured on the tray. Then, just sit back and admire your handiwork of art! There is no greater satisfaction then finishing a project you have put your heart into – and this one does not disappoint. So get ready to decorate your two tier tray with confidence!
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